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I have received a few requests from readers to post information here, so here they are:

Joe Dunbar is doing some work to help fathers in the Massachusetts
court system. If you're from that area and have ever been treated
unfairly by attorney and GAL Vicki L. Shemin or Judge Judith
N. Dilday, please contact Joe at Documented cases of fee disputes or irrational custody recommendations by Shemin would be of particular interest.

Rich Zubaty wrote in to announce a new pro-male book he's about to release, What Men Know That Women Don't. He has a pre-publication edition which is downloadable from this site for a cost of $4. This rate will increase to $24 once the print edition is released, so you might want to check it out now.

Dr. Charles Corry also wanted to warn readers that there are plans to change domestic violence laws in California and Oregon so that both parties are arrested when a 911 call for domestic violence is made. This is not really good news; click Read More below to read his notice and find out why.

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National Post Interview With William Pollack

The National Post printed this story which is an interview with William Pollack, author of Real Boys. I haven't heard much about Pollack lately, and this interview isn't exactly flattering toward him. I think this quote kind of sums up his views: "Women have the right to be angry...and it may still be a man's world. But it's not a boy's world, and it never was one." I have mixed feelings about this, but still wholeheartedly support Pollack for getting the media interested in boy's issues.

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NCFM E-Zine Gazette, Vol 15

The National Coalition of Free Men recently sent out its latest E-Zine, and you can read it by clicking on "Read More". E-mail subscription info to the E-Zine is also included. NCFM is a non-profit educational organization that examines the way sex discrimination affects men. It also tries to raise public consciousness about little known, but important, topics dealing with the male experience.

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British Government Pushes For More Rape Convictions

IHF highlighted a Guardian Observer story about the current status of rape convictions in Britain. Last year close to 8,500 rape cases were reported, but only 634 were carried through to conviction. From the article: "The Home Office has now demanded action from the Crown Prosecution Service
and the police to push up the low figure. Campaigning groups say Britain should learn from America, where the use of special advocates who support women through the courts has pushed conviction rates above 50 per cent in Washington and New York states.
" If Britain is going to "learn from America" with rape procsecution, what that really means is that they're going to start securing convictions without evidence and making people guilty until proven innocent. This is disturbing news.

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The Horror Of Being Falsely Accused

krob4399 writes "A man in his mid-forties sent this to me and consented to submit this horror story without revealing his identity since, at this time he has not been charged with any crime. I know the man very well and I am sure he is falsely accused." Click Read More for the story. It's truly a nightmare situation.

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No News This Weekend

I'm going away for the weekend, and I wasn't able to find any stories to queue up to have posted over this weekend, so this site will remain as it is until Sunday afternoon/evening. See you then!

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Aberystwyth Rape Trial Over: Not Guilty

Last week I reported on the shaky rape allegations made against a former student of Aberystwyth University in Britain. His trial is now over, and he was found not guilty after the jury deliberated for 41 minutes. This UK Telegraph article (courtesy of IHF) gives details of the acquittal and the disturbances that this young man had to deal with by being accused of such a serious crime.

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Interview With Christina Hoff-Sommers

BookPage is featuring an interview with Christina Hoff-Sommers, author of the new book The War Against Boys. It's not a strict Q+A format, but the interviewer includes several direct quotes from a phone conversation she had with Sommers. It includes suggestions to how to be an advocate for your son(s) in school and I particularly liked the quote: "If you are a mother of sons, as I am, you know that one of the more agreeable facts of life is that boys will be boys."

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Changes To British Rape Laws

Ace submitted this link to a UK Times article outlining changes to UK rape laws. The most disturbing change is that by default any woman who is intoxicated would not be able to give consent. I think there is a big difference between forcing a person to have sex and having a few drinks with someone and then mutually deciding to have sex. In fact, the latter is quite a popular past time among both men and women! But here's a thought: if both parties are intoxicated and the woman files a rape charge, why shouldn't the man be able to as well?

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Opinion Article On 'Deadbeat Dads'

Although a bit old, this opinion article from the Denver Post makes some good points about the way the 'deadbeat dad' frenzy has little basis in fact. He refers to the recent Massachusetts child custody ruling that alternates the custody schedule for each parent every year, and mentions something I was unaware of - that hunting and fishing licenses are now being revoked for being in arrears on child support in some states.

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Censorship Of Men's Issues At Univ. Of New South Wales

An anonymous reader sent in the following media release from the Student Guild Council at the University of New South Wales, Australia. It outlines a proposal for a 'men's issue' of the magazine Tharunka, and outlines in explicit detail that "white, heterosexual male" perspectives are not considered legitimate for the publication. Read on for more details... Update: I have received a response and have updated information on the comment board.

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Statistics Canada Releases DV Report

A new study done by Statistics Canada was released yesterday, showing that men and women were abused at about equal rates for several kinds of violence. Canadian women's groups are up in arms about this, of course, and The Toronto Star printed this article which outlines the study's findings and the complaints of many feminists who obviously feel threatened to let go of any part of their "victim status". The report shows violence against women has been declining significantly, at a much higher rate than violence against men has been declining. Peter Dudley submitted the primary source for the study here.

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Leo Takes On Anti-Male Bias

Imo Bethere submitted this link to John Leo's latest Town Hall column, and writes, "Please read this entire article. The anti male stuff is such an ingrained part of our culture that few seem to question it. Good to see a conservative columnist exposing this travesty." I agree. Leo's a great asset to the men's movement, despite the fact that he doesn't seem keen on men's rights groups. He introduces a lot of people to the issues we work on, many who might not receive exposure to them otherwise. Update: an anonymous user sent in this link, from a 1998 issue of USNews. It's the exact same article. Interesting...

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Fred Drop-Kicks Feminism

Fred comes out with guns blazing in his recent column from FredOnEverything. He gives a pretty scathing critique of feminism and the notion that boys are "dumber" than girls. To do the latter, he looks at the highest acheivers on standardized tests and finds that they are overwhelmingly male. This is indeed true, but I hope it won't overshadow the fact that the average boy (that is, most of them) is in need of a lot of help in school. His writing is pretty brazen, and I was a bit hesitant to post it to this site. However, I'm sure it will be of interest to some readers, but be warned: Fred is very conservative philosophically and politically.

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Men Deserve To Live - Round 4

Yet another round of Ed Bartlett's "Men Deserve to Live" action alerts has been released from Men's Health America. Please join us in promoting men's health by working to get the Men's Health Act of 2000 passed. Click "Read More..." to learn more.

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