Scotland: Police face ridicule over 'ludicrous' Hate Monster campaign

Article here. Excerpt:

'Police Scotland has been ­ridiculed over a ‘ludicrous’ ­campaign aimed at cracking down on hate crime which ­features a ‘pound shop version of a Sesame Street character’.

The animated ‘Hate Monster’ on the force’s website and YouTube channel comes ahead of the introduction of new hate crime laws, due to be enforced from April 1.

A video shows the monster with a voice­over urging people to not allow their anger or prejudice to lead them into committing an offence, such as making a racist comment.
The website states: ‘We know that young men aged 18-30 are most likely to commit hate crime, particularly those from socially excluded communities who are heavily influenced by their peers.

‘They may have deep-rooted feelings of being socially and ­economically disadvantaged, combined with ideas about white-male entitlement.’

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Some dating coaches online are pushing women to seek more traditional gender roles

Article here. Excerpt:

'Dating coach Karla Elia tells women not to go out with a man who is “nice” or who “treats you right,” but one who can “afford” them.

Her advice, while highly criticized by some who have seen her videos, has dominated a pocket of the internet that depicts heterosexual romance as a deal between men and women, in which women are receivers and men are providers.

The 24-year-old is part of a community of women who have gained popularity — and notoriety — online for their espousal of what can feel like antiquated dating guidance.

“I see the dating scene and relationships as a business, because it is,” said Elia, who has more than 1 million followers on TikTok. “A lot of people don’t like to admit that relationships are transactional, but they are.”'

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Comedian Greg Gutfeld Urges Liberals to Rethink Their Approach to Men, or Face ‘Terrifying’ Election Results

Article here. Excerpt:

'Across the globe, young men are fleeing liberalism. Public opinion polls reveal that millions of men under 30 years of age are becoming more conservative than their female counterparts, by remarkable margins of 25 to 35 percentage points. In country after country, a historic political realignment is now taking place: China, Germany, Poland, South Korea, Tunisia, United Kingdom, and the United States (1), as well as Argentina (2) and Canada (3).

In his March 13 monologue, American comedian Greg Gutfeld brought this trend to the attention of his TV audience, offering a scathing assessment of the reasons behind the decline of male support for liberalism (4):

“Men are fleeing the Democratic Party like the showing of Barbie….they’re becoming the party of AWFLs: affluent white female liberals… And men are like, ‘Hey, we know when we’re not wanted. We’ll see ourselves out,’” he revealed.

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UK: Documentary reveals abuse of husband by wife

Article here. Excerpt:

'But behind closed doors, Richard, 47, had been secretly suffering from what a judge would later describe as “the worst case of controlling and coercive behaviour” she had ever seen.

During her 20-year reign of terror, sadistic Sheree, 46, repeatedly threatened to go to police claiming her helpless husband was abusing her — and would even scream for help to trick neighbours into believing that was the case.

She was only jailed after a shocked friend of Richard’s saw some nanny cam footage and sent it to the police.
One of Sheree’s ways of exerting control was to threaten to go to the police and accuse Richard of abuse.

He says she would also threaten to smash her face into the bathroom mirror and send pictures to a friend.

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Debunking the Myth of the Man-Hating Feminist

Article here. Excerpt:

'Men who are dedicated to viewing feminists as misandrists may never be convinced otherwise. However, since those men view their misguided perception of misandry as a justifiable excuse for threatening and abusing women, we must try to dispel these misconceptions anyway. To keep women safe, perhaps feminists who have realized that fighting systems is better than fighting individual men should engage compassionately with women who aren’t there yet.

They should gently urge those women to channel their anger and outrage toward dismantling systems of oppression that can actually lead to our liberation, rather than espousing hate toward individual men, or men as a whole. It is not a matter of protecting men’s egos, but rather of keeping women safe. After all, anger is a worthy, valid, and useful tool in the feminist movement. But perhaps, for our safety, it is just better reserved for the systems of power.'

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U. Buffalo rewrites ‘minority and women’ business program after federal complaint

Article here. Excerpt:

'The University at Buffalo opened up an entrepreneurship program to all races and both sexes following a federal civil rights complaint.

“To apply, you must own a business in the Buffalo-Niagara region,” the M&T Bank Emerging Entrepreneurs Program now states.

The public university previously required applicants to be a female or racial minority business owner in the region.'

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In this Ukrainian village, almost no men are left

Article here. No discussion of the mass violation of their human rights. Excerpt:

'Few men of fighting age are left in this village in southwest Ukraine, and those who remain fear they will be drafted at any moment.

Their neighbors are already hundreds of miles east in trenches on the front lines. Some have been killed or wounded. Several are missing. Others from this rural area — about 45 miles from the borders of Romania and Moldova — have fled abroad or found ways to avoid the war, either with legitimate exemptions or by hiding.'

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Making sense of the gulf between young men and women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Men and women have different experiences, so you would expect them to have different worldviews. Nonetheless, the growing gulf between young men and women in developed countries is striking. Polling data from 20 such countries shows that, whereas two decades ago there was little difference between the share of men and women aged 18-29 who described themselves as liberal rather than conservative, the gap has grown to 25 percentage points.

Young men also seem more anti-feminist than older men, bucking the trend for each generation to be more liberal than its predecessor. Polls from 27 European countries found that men under 30 were more likely than those over 65 to agree that “advancing women’s and girls’ rights has gone too far because it threatens men’s and boys’ opportunities”. Similar results can be found in Britain, South Korea and China. Young women were likely to believe the opposite.

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Why People React Less Positively to Research Favoring Men

Article here. Nymphotropism in action. Excerpt:

'Research suggesting men are superior to women in certain aspects is often viewed less favorably than research showing the opposite. But why? A recent study examined this issue, finding evidence that perceived harm to women is a key factor driving negative reactions to male-favoring findings. The new study has been published in the International Journal of Psychology.

“For the last few years, my lab has been studying how people react to research on sex differences,” said study author Steve Stewart-Williams (@SteveStuWill), a professor of psychology at the University of Nottingham Malaysia.'

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Gen Z Believes Men Are Being Discriminated Against More Than Boomers

Article here. Excerpt:

'Members of the Generation Z age bracket across the globe believe men are being discriminated against more than those among the Baby Boomer generation, according to a new poll.

A poll by Ipsos conducted on International Women's Day, March 8, asked respondents across 31 countries a number of questions on women's rights and gender equality among different age groups.

The poll asked respondents whether they agree or disagree with the statement that "we have gone so far in promoting women's equality that we are discriminating against men."

According to the poll, 60 percent of Gen Z men, 57 percent of Millennial men and 43 percent of male Baby Boomers agree with this statement. In comparison, among women that agree with this statement, the poll found 40 percent for Gen Z, 44 percent of Millennials and 30 percent of Baby Boomers.

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UK Hard Man Danny Dyer To Explore Modern Masculinity In Channel 4 Documentary

Article here. Excerpt:

'Danny Dyer‘s range is continuing to expand as the Football Factory star lands himself a Channel 4 documentary series exploring modern masculinity.

Danny Dyer: How To Be A Man will see the EastEnders alum delve deep into the evolving landscape of masculinity. At a time when people are labeling masculinity “toxic,” Dyer, who made his name in a string of movies playing traditional “hard men” and also hosted Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men for Bravo, will ask people across Britain what they think it means to be a man in our society, and what the future is for the male identity.

The series from Whitworth Media will feature interviews with a politician, psychologists, a mental health expert, a fitness expert, a sex therapist, an influencer, male victims of domestic abuse, and members of the Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus to offer a range of voices and perspectives on this complex subject. Across the two episodes, Dyer will also explore gender stereotypes and male attitudes to mental health.'

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Long way to go before Britain’s police forces can truly stamp out sexism, expert panel agrees

Article here. Excerpt:

'There is a long way to go before police forces in Britain can truly stamp out institutionalised sexism, an expert panel hosted by The Independent has agreed,

On 8 March, to mark International Women’s Day, The Independent brought together a panel to discuss how police forces in the UK are tackling violence against women and attempting to eradicate misogyny.

Three years on from the kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard by Met Police officer Wayne Couzens, our Virtual Event explored how Britain’s police forces have changed – if at all – and discussed what work still needs to be done.

Hosted by The Independent’s crime correspondent Amy-Clare Martin, our panel included retired police chief Susannah Fish OBE, chartered psychologist Dr Jessica Taylor, barrister Harriet Johnson and Abigail Ampofo, CEO of domestic abuse charity Refuge.

Explaining the scale of the problem, Ms Fish told our viewers: “It’s a barrel, it’s not a handful of rotten apples.”'

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I research women’s role in media–and yet I recently discovered that my Gen Z son and his peers didn’t support feminism

Article here. Excerpt:

'Recently, in the same week, a study from King’s College London and a Financial Times analysis of various studies exposed an unprecedented gender rift emerging within Gen Z. As a mother of two Gen Z boys who researches the role of women in media, I felt enormous sorrow and a sense of loss. If our youngest generation of women and men are diverging in their fundamental values and are polarized on important matters such as the impact of feminism, masculinity, and gender equality, how are they to build healthy, loving, long-lasting relationships in a world starved of unity and social cohesion?

Troubled with these thoughts, I came down to the kitchen on a Saturday morning to check in on my 13-year-old son and his two friends who had stayed overnight. “What do you think of feminism?” I asked spontaneously, curious to hear their thoughts over breakfast before they headed off to football. My son rebutted my question with vehemence, demanding that I not ask such “weird” questions. His negative reaction and visible discomfort puzzled me.'

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Tennessee teacher accused of sexually assaulting boy, 12, allegedly harmed nearly 2 dozen other minors

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former Tennessee teacher arrested in September 2023 for allegedly sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy is now facing a 23-count indictment for sexual misconduct against nearly two dozen other potential minor victims, according to police.

Alissa McCommon, a 38-year-old former elementary school teacher, was initially arrested Sept. 8 and charged with rape of a child.

"Our goal in any of these investigations is to identify any potential victims and provide medical assistance, counseling and support for their families throughout the investigation," Covington Police Chief Donna Turner said in a March 8 statement. "Without this vital intervention, the ripple effect of trauma can last for years with the victims and the family unit."

On March 5, a Tipton County grand jury handed down a 23-count indictment against McCommon "with multiple sexual misconduct offenses against minors," the Covington Police Department said in a March 8 press release.'

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UK: 'Crisis in masculinity’ prompts Labour to consider men’s health strategy

Article here. Excerpt:

'Labour is looking at introducing a men’s health strategy to address a “crisis in masculinity” that is costing lives.

The plans could see an expansion in services which offer NHS checks in “men-friendly spaces” – such as sports grounds, pubs and workplaces – alongside efforts to encourage boys and men to be more open about their mental health.

The party is examining strategies rolled out in Ireland and Australia, which have increased male life expectancy, and local schemes in the UK which have offered men health screening in football stadiums.

Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting said he felt “enraged” about failures to tackle male health issues – in particular mental health – with suicide the biggest killer of men under the age of 50.

Official data shows men’s life expectancy in the UK falling at a far sharper rate than that of women. It is now at its lowest for more than a decade.

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