French official's attempts to outlaw ‘I hate men’ book backfires as sales skyrocket

Article here. Excerpt:

'Ralph Zurmély, an adviser to France’s ministry on gender equality, said Pauline Harmange’s book should be banned for “inciting hatred” on the grounds of gender. France has several laws in place against speech that incites hatred based on race, religion or sexual orientation, for example.

In an email obtained by French investigative website Mediapart, Zurmély reminded the publishers that “incitement to hatred on the grounds of gender is a criminal offence” and threatened to take them to court if they did not pull the book – which he called an “ode to misandry” – from sale.

Harmange’s book questions whether women have good reason to hate men and notes that anger towards men can actually be “a joyful and liberating path”. The small French publisher behind the publication, Monstrograph, called it a “feminist and iconoclastic book” that suggests misandry can actually be a way of “making room for sisterhood”, English daily The Guardian reported.'

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If a woman hates men, it's joyful and liberating.

If a man hates women, he's a misogynist--which is bad.

If a woman goes her own way, she's strong and independent.

If a man goes his own way, he's a reprobate.

I must admit I've learned to be amazed at how much women dislike men. On the other hand, I've also been amazed at how much men will put up with undue crap from women. The feminists pretty much have everything backwards--men like women too much, women hate men.

That whole "sugar and spice" thing is wrong.

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