UK: The false-accusations industry

Article here. Excerpt:

'Those who orchestrate these trawling activities have no professional training or duty of care to anyone. Implanting or encouraging false memories can have devastating consequences, particularly where damaged or vulnerable people are effectively being manipulated to suit the trawler’s own objectives. That a vulnerable adult, down on his or her financial luck, can be persuaded that there is a large pot of money to be had if he or she makes an allegation of historical abuse, with little or no chance of any consequences if the accused is ultimately cleared, is very serious indeed.

Of course, some who engage in trawling can also have darker motives. There are doubtless some individuals who find stories of sexual molestation – real or imaginary – stimulating and exciting, enjoying every salacious detail of what they are being told.'

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false accusations for women are a potentially winning lottery ticket that costs them nothing, but can cost any innocent males (men and boys) everything. that's fair, right? they are considered by the courts to be perpetual victims or privileged princesses, depending on the circumstances. that's wearing 2 hats for sure. a crown of thorns or a tiara. guess congress will need to throw some more billion$ their way (vawa, planned parenthood, affirmative action, title ix, etc.) just keep the free stuff hose spilling out America's wealth. it will end soon enough.

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