Abused boyfriend found ’10 days from death’ after years of abuse by girlfriend

This story is just to make sure we all know it's not just men. Quote:

'Shocking images of the horrific moment an abused man was discovered “10 days from death” after being stabbed by his abusive ex have emerged.

Alex Skeel, 22, recently spoke out about being attacked with a bread knife and battered with a hammer by his girlfriend Jordan Worth during a three-year catalogue of sickening abuse.

He was also starved to just 44kg by the controlling 22-year-old, who told him what to wear and isolated him from friends and family.

As the abuse turned more violent, Worth poured boiling water on the dad of her two kids and knocked his tooth out with a hairbrush.

The British woman has now been jailed for seven-and-a-half years at Luton Crown Court after admitting grievous bodily harm and coercive controlling behaviour.

Dramatic bodycam footage police released to the BBC shows the moment they discovered “blood everywhere” in the home Alex shared with his ex in Luton, The Sun reports.'

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Luckily she's getting decent jail time. Personally, I've known three men who were seriously beaten by their partners and never spoke out at the time - and one put it perfectly when he said to me "How could I respond? If I touched her in self-defense I'd be in jail. If I hit her back when she hit me, I'd kill her. What could I do but put up with it?"

I think that's the appeal to women like this - they have a victim they know they can beat mercilessly and never get hurt back.

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I've known a couple of men who have been physically abused by their wives. On is my closest friend at work, who shared with me once what led to divorce with his ex. She was insanely jealous of his relationship with his mother and sister, and just a phone call from them would set her off and she would start throwing things. It came to a head when she chased him out of the house with a carving knife, and he had to spend the night at his office. He seemed embarrassed to talk about it, and mentioned that I was the first person he had ever told.
The second guy is closer to home: by brother, whose wife is a real tantrum-thrower (I've personally observed a few). She, too, resorts to throwing things, and knocked one of his teeth out. My mother was livid when she found out about it, but my brother pleaded with her not to make a big deal of it. We were all expecting him to bolt from the marriage, but I think he was too attached to his kids. He, too, was embarrassed and refuses to talk about it. She seems to have mellowed a bit with age, and they're still married.
When men are abused by women, they don't like to talk about it. They know most people will just ridicule them, or think "You must have had it coming." And Conventional Wisdom (i.e., the MSM) says that such things never happen.

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A fuller treatment is needed but this is just a pass. When thinking abt living with a woman, there are costs, risks, and rewards. The prudent man takes the time to calculate all and decide if it's worth it.

Say 5% of men are physically abused routinely by women who live with them, even "minor" abuse like "playful" slaps, etc. On to the worst kind, this is the range. Say 1% of men experience seriously bad abuse. Now predict that 98% of the time if the police come to the house, it is the man who'll be arrested even if he did nothing wrong except be assailed. Now figure on 1% chance that the cops will come to your house in a DV incident.

Imagine a serious DV incident once per week, or 52 times/year.

Let's say for the sake of argument then that 1% of men living with women are seriously assailed once a week and that for each incident there is a 1% chance someone will see or hear something then call the cops. So we have .01 x .01 = .001% chance by itself that there'll be an assault bringing the cops for each incident. Now say a 98% chance of the cops arresting the male victim. .001 x .98 = 0.00098. Now multiply it by 52 weeks: 0.05096. In a given year then a man living with a woman has a 5% cum. chance of being a victim of serious DV and arrested for it. Great.

Women cost money, even if they outearn you, you need to pay for things to get them to fuck. This is female primate hypergamy, an established fact of nature. No arguing it. Call a man's expenses as 1.0. Adding a female to his life in this day and age we'll say increases his expenses overall to 1.3, or raises it 30%, ON AVERAGE. Some pussy is a lot pricier, some a lot cheaper, but one thing is for sure: pussy costs money no matter where and when. God has yet to produce a female who does not want men to pay her for sex. So a man saving that 30% for whatever or spending it on stuff HE likes to do is now going to his live-in. That's the added cost.

Most women once they move in with you either stop fucking altogether, or start fucking someone else, or put out maybe once per week and then begrudgingly. Women not living with you put out a lot more and usually for less. So the sex frequency and def the quality drops when living with her. Now for some guys, pussy is not a big deal. He likes the companionship. So now he has that. Let's even assume she does not morph into an unbearable bitch, which is in my experience a good chance, maybe 70% or 75% of the time. But just assume she does not. He is getting his cuddle-partner/bed-fellow and is fine with that. Still, he is giving up the joy of actually sleeping in his actual bed. Instead he now sleeps on a small sliver of it while the bitch hogs up the rest of the bed.

Plus chores will always be an issue. Either she won't pick up after herself or she will. If she does, she'll complain about doing it. If she doesn't, she won't, but you are still picking up after her. In short, your space is not yours anymore. And 9 times out of 10 the bitch is moving in with you.

Now getting rid of her is a problem because if she stays there longer than 30 days in most states you need to give her a notice to vacate and she has 30 days to leave. You can't throw her stuff out unless the state laws you live under allow you to but if not, you need to pay the sheriff or whoever to move her stuff out. Plus she can claim all kinds of bullshit if it's a nasty breakup and make your life Hell.

So balance the risks, costs, and rewards of cohabiting with an adult human female and then decide.

This is why there are already men living with inanimate sex dolls.

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From my work in Australian family disputes, if a man makes a complaint of domestic violence he will be removed from the home and children and stereotyped at first instance as the perpetrator, even when he exhibits obvious signs of physical abuse. It is always assumed that men are violent perpetrators and women are defensive victims.
This has been the historically unofficial, and more recently, the official police and domestic violence protocols for domestic violence responses in Australia.
Even if this man had sought help from the police or domestic violence services, he would most likely have been ignored or arrested (men reporting domestic abuse is defined in Australian law as a form of domestic abuse against women). It's telling that his abuse came to light by the report of a health care worker.

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