'We may have to fight our generation of men': Read Jameela Jamil's powerful speech on ending toxic masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'As the voice behind the body-positivity movement @I_Weigh, as well as the creator of a viral petition to stop celebrities from hocking toxic diet teas, actress Jameela Jamil has firmly established herself as a force in the fight for healthy body image. But at the 2019 MAKERS conference Thursday, she unveiled a new mission for 2019: dismantle the toxic masculinity that indoctrinates men.

“Women have the power to infiltrate misogyny in their own homes. It starts by never taking for granted how poisonous society can be to the male psyche, and protecting boys from the onslaught of misinformation everywhere,” she said. “It’s as if men are recruited young and brainwashed, in order to be indoctrinated and manipulated into an oppressive patriarchal institution.”

Jamil then outlined a plan for dismantling this system — one that hinges on revealing the stark reality of being a woman. “This is a call to arms for the women who have boys growing up in their houses. …We have a lot of work to undo,” she said. “Mothers, sisters and aunties, I implore you to take this little sponge, and render him sodden with humanity and an understanding of women. It will send him into this delusional world with an armor of empathy and self assurance…All you have to do is tell him the truth. Tell him what happened to us. Tell him our whole story.”'

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The evil, sinister Communists/Jews/etc. start early attacking our children... we must stop them and instead teach them National Socialist values! Blah blah blah.

Bat-shit crazy.

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Since when do modern women and feminists have empathy for anyone, much less boys?

Oh, wait, they have empathy for themselves and expected everyone else to have the same empathy.

But to be a good, card carrying feminist, you must strip yourself of any empathy you may have had. Empathy is understanding how someone else feels; understanding how you feel doesn't really count.

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Essentially what this chick is doing is instructing women to teach their sons to hate men.

Given that women do most of the hitting of their sons as they grow up I'm not so sure how successful this is going to turn out to be.

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