Vox’s Ezra Klein Defends “Kill All Men” Twitter Hashtag

Article here. Excerpt:

'In yet another article from the Left insisting that old, racist tweets from recently hired New York Times writer Sarah Jeong aren’t actually racist, Vox founder Ezra Klein veered off course into defending an old misandrist hashtag: #KillAllMen.

“A few years ago, it became popular on feminist Twitter to tweet about the awful effects of patriarchal culture and attach the line #KillAllMen,” Klein wrote. “This became popular enough that a bunch of people I know and hang out with and even love began using it in casual conversation.”

"They didn’t want me put to death. They didn’t want any men put to death. They didn’t hate me, and they didn’t hate men,” Klein wrote. “‘#KillAllMen' was another way of saying ‘it would be nice if the world sucked less for women.’ It was an expression of frustration with pervasive sexism. I didn’t enjoy the way they said it, but that didn’t mean I had to pretend I couldn’t figure out what they meant. And if I had any questions, I could, you know, ask, and actually listen to the answer.”
The problem with this kind of thinking is that it only ever applies to the Left when the person presenting the alleged offense is on their side. Those people are defended, while others are pushed out.'

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The sentiment "Kill All Men" is self-describing and self-defining. If it isn't, then language is useless. If I say "2 + 4 = 10" and you say that's wrong, is it any righter if I explain that to say "2 + 4 = 10" is not meant to convey an actual mathematical truth but instead is a shorthand way of saying that mathematics is in a sense repressive because there is so little flexibility in it; an answer is either right or not -- and that we need to fight this reality so as to make it a better world for people who either find math hard or who for some reason just don't like it -- then indeed, you can make 2 + 4 = 10 be a courageous revolutionary act. Oy veh. This is how the Communists made up be down and right be wrong. Twisting and perverting language, when done to the point it becomes accepted, causes thought itself to become twisted and perverted. Language should be used, and is meant to be used, as an instrument of conveying thoughts. When you twist language around so that what is said does not represent what is meant but instead something else, the tail is now wagging the dog. It is a misuse of language and language, as Marxists/feminists know, becomes a means by which to shape and alter thoughts and thought patterns. In this way, the Ministry of Hate can be called the Ministry of Love and it ends up making a bizarre kind of sense.

It's this kind of thing feminists are about. Getting people to accept a tacit statement of hatred and a desire to commit mass-murder is justified by a non-sequitur interpretation that seeks to justify itself with victimology.

You practically need a PhD in clinical psychology to keep up with the madness of today's SJW crowd.

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