Slain Ontario girls found holding hands

Story here. Excerpt:

'BARRIE, Ont. - Minutes after a mother calmly called police saying her children were dead, officers found 19-month-old Sophia Campione in bed, dressed in her Tinkerbell pyjamas, holding hands with her three-year-old sister Serena, court heard Thursday.

Between their lifeless bodies lay a photo album and a rosary.

The Crown alleges their mother, Frances Elaine Campione, 35, drowned them in October 2006 so their father could not get custody.'

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Andrea Yates got away with murdering 5 children by drowning. This distraught Canadian mom can do it too if her lawyers play her Temporary Insanity and Pussy Pass Cards right.

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In America, according to the Dept. of Health and Human Services, more childrend are killed in a year (by neglect and abuse) than all the female intimate partner homicides in a year. About 90% of the children are in the age range 1 - 8 years old, and it is biological mothers who are doing the largest amount of killing of any single group counted. They are kid killers at twice the rate of biological dads.

We Americans spend billions for a Violence Against Women Act, but pitifully little to protect poor little children from murdering female monsters. Shame on America for this breach of equitable law, and shame on Canada who also is infested with the same feminist insanity. When will they begin to protect little children from the murdering female monsters? All they have to do is strip the money away from government programs like the Violence Against Women Act that spends an inordinate amount of time and resources witch-hunting innocent men.

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Just to clarify a bit on the statistics (I am using 2008 from dept of human and health services. All reported years seem to have similar percentages)

Children's death due to abuse or neglect sorted by perpetrator:

mothers 26%
fathers 12%
both mothers and father together 21%
stepfathers 2.7%
stepmothers .3%
unknown/missing (foul play) 17%
other 21%

When you account for how many more mothers are the only parent, it does not seem that mothers/females are any more prone to abusive behavior than fathers/males.

I agree that more attention should be given to this issue.

Anyone guilty of such crime should be punished harshly and fairly w/o any gender bias.

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Of coarse this is something feminists will never admit because they believe children are less important than women.

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"When you account for how many more mothers are the only parent, it does not seem that mothers/females are any more prone to abusive behavior than fathers/males."

Kris, in order for this to be true, there would have to be more than twice as many households without fathers as with fathers (well, not exactly, but close enough).

I do believe that women are more prone to violent behaviour, but I think this is because female aggression is never acknowledged. Because of this, women are less likely to recognize their actions as 'bad' and they don't develop the skills to deal with anger.

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I don't know what the statistics are, but I would not be surprised if there are twice as many single mother households compared to single father households.

Whatever the rate is, woman have far more access to being lone caretakers of children. So if you consider the time spent alone with children, I don't think the statistics indicate women/females are more prone to murder children then fathers/males.

I do however feel that this age of single motherhood needs to change. Single parenthood is not good for children for many reasons, and should not be promoted with free handouts and such. Many people feel that having their children is a "right" even when they have no means to support a child both financially or emotionally. I would like to see adoption and two parent households encouraged.

I don't think much could have been done to prevent the mother in this particular article from doing what she did. This is a case of a mother trying to get back at an ex-husband.

Which brings me to my next observation. I am no psychologist, but I do believe that most women that kill their children do so because they have this feeling that creating children is easy for them and what sets them apart from males. If they get rid of one baby - they can easily create another. Babies are like an extension of their own bodies and replaceable. They feel responsible for giving them life, so they feel they can also take away their life.

I believe men that kill children do so for other reasons. They may even be more prone to kill a stranger's child or non-biological child, but not their own. The step-father to step-mother murder ratio seems to support this.

Even though many 'mother murder' stories are posted here, I believe for the most part children are very safe with their mothers and fathers and male and female caretakers. I don't believe one gender is any more or less prone to deviant or violent behavior - but the motives are very different when it does occur.

I appreciate your comment, but we may have to "agree to disagree".

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We can agree or disagree it really doesn't matter but you didn't read what I was saying.
The stats don't talk about single parent households alone and I don't accept the fact that women may spend more time around kids as some sort of justification for killing them.
Most households have two parents and in these, women are still the predominant abusers.

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