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'A woman who had accused three men of gang raping her, has been arrested and sent to jail for allegedly giving false and fabricated information to police in the case, police said today.

The 27-year-old woman was arrested yesterday and sent to jail, police said.

The woman had earlier alleged that she was abducted in a car and gang raped by three men here, three days ago, they said.

Police had later registered a case and started investigation, during which the case was found to be false and fabricated by the woman and her two relatives.

A case has been registered against the woman and her two relatives under various sections of the IPC including alleged criminal conspiracy to indulge in extortion, police said, adding the two accused were absconding.'

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'Twitter enables every user to exercise their Freedom of speech First Amendment rights. Which, is fine, unless pure and utter stupidity is being conveyed through 140-characters.

What started as a supreme troll bait experiment became the battery that fueled the movement of a select few of acid-blooded feminists. According to The Daily Dot, 4chan had been banding together for months to pull of the elaborate hoax of #EndFathersDay which involved a reported 40,000 fake Twitter accounts.

True-blue feminists and sane individuals denounced the movement but alas, a handful of women who thought they were self-created got caught breathing fire and choking on the smoke when the joke was on them.

Check out some of the anti-male bashing in the gallery below to make you more thankful for this current Father’s Day. We’re all for everyone having a worthwhile opinion but sometimes, just nah.'

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'A student is suing Occidental College in Los Angeles for expelling him after a female student allegedly sent text messages indicating she had wanted to have sex, arranged for a rendezvous, then one week later accused him of sexual assault.

The case is the latest to follow the Obama administration’s new effort to crack down on campus rape.

The plaintiff, who filed anonymously as John Doe, said the female student texted him asking if he had a condom, informed a friend she was “goingtohave ‘sex” (sic) and coordinated a route to his dorm.

Police investigated and decided not to prosecute, but the male student was expelled, because of “pressure from the federal government to take action on sexual assault,” according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which is working on the case.

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Alison Meyers found that witnesses “agreed that the victim and suspect were both drunk” but were “willing participants exercising bad judgment.”

The college, nevertheless, which had faced a multi-plaintiff lawsuit from attorney Gloria Allred before the “Doe” case arose, found the student “responsible” for sexual assault.'

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'California politicians are aiming to entrench and expand an Obama-administration policy that has questionable implications for the rights of the accused.

Senate Bill 967 [link added] would require California universities whose students are receiving financial assistance to change their sexual-misconduct policies. Colleges would be required to follow a standard of “affirmative consent” from students engaging in sexual activities and follow a “preponderance of evidence” standard for disciplinary measures.

The bill, co-sponsored by California state senators Kevin De León (D., Los Angeles) and Hannah-Beth Jackson (D., Santa Barbara), is in part a reaction to the newly established White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, which encourages universities to take action against sexual misconduct. The bill passed the California senate by a resounding 27-to-4 vote May 29. It will be heard by the assembly judiciary committee Tuesday.

Supporters claim that its measures are needed to “flip” a status quo that makes it too difficult for victims to come forward, but critics allege that two provisions undermine the rights of the accused.'

To have more women in SMET, we should lower the standards. The article's title says it all. Mind-boggling. Excerpt:

'One of the world’s most prestigious science publications, Nature, is out with a new op-ed arguing that top-notch PhD programs should lower their math requirements to admit more women.

Only 26 percent of women score above a 700 on the GRE’s Quantitative section, excluding them from the nation’s elite STEM grad programs.

“In simple terms, the GRE is a better indicator of sex and skin color than of ability and ultimate success,” argue professors Casey Miller and Keivan Stassun [PDF].

As an alternative, the University of South Florida prioritized more soft skills in the application process, including measures of motivation and “service to community,” resulting in higher graduation rates (81 percent) and significantly more underrepresented groups.'

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'Fathers 4 Justice has called on JK Rowling to renege on her presidency of single parent charity Gingerbread, claiming that it supports the separation of four million children from their fathers.

With the campaign launched on the eve of Father’s Day, the activist group made a plea to the Harry Potter author on its Facebook page stating: “In the fantasy novels, Harry Potter lost his parents. Now, thanks to organisations like Gingerbread and their president, JK Rowling, nearly four million children in the UK have lost their fathers in real life.”

It comes as two members of the group scale Exeter Cathedral in protest at the family courts, which it says are "evil."

JK Rowling has backed Gingerbread since 2000, a campaigning charity that says it provides advice and support for single parent families, as well as lobbying the government for law reform. She became president in 2007.'

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'Co-hosts of ABC talk show “The View” jumped all over guest co-host Terry Crews on Friday, when he said that there are some things only a father can teach his children.

Well, with the exception of Sherri Shepherd, that is. Whoopi Goldberg and Jenny McCarthy both tried to shut down his argument for fathers, saying a single mother can give her children anything a father can.

I hate to say it, but one of our glaring faults as women is we do not always listen, for we are too busy hearing what we want to hear to quickly go for the jugular.

We say we want men to open up, tell us how they feel, but most times what we really want is for our men to agree with us -- or, as comedian/actor Bill Cosby put it, we don’t want to hear what men think, we want to hear what we think in a deeper voice.

The women were so busy being defensive, they missed Crews’ point. Yes, I get the fierce passion of single women who do it all, only to be told by some that their children won’t turn out right because they don’t have a man in the home or, as conservatives label it, have a “traditional family.”
There is a day to recognize the invaluable contributions made by all mothers—single, married or in relationships—and that is Mother’s Day.

Let fathers have their day and stop telling them they are irrelevant.

By the way: A very Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers co-parenting in marriages, apart, in same-sex relationships or doing it on their own.'

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'The recent rise of men’s right’s activist groups is due to two primary reasons. 1) Men are responding to some of the double standards and biases introduced in some feminist philosophy. 2) Men have realized the need to increase advocacy and awareness of issues primarily affecting the male gender just as feminism has done the same for the female gender.

Unfortunately, the rise of men’s advocacy groups has been met with an onslaught of bashing, shaming and name-calling from feminist groups. Accusing men’s rights organizations as anti-equality, sexist, misogynist organizations that seek to devalue and discredit the feminist movement in order to maintain the patriarchy. This couldn’t be further from the actual aims and goals of men’s rights groups. On both sides, knee jerk reactionaries and radicals have taken combative stances that have devolved most conversations between men’s rights and feminist groups into simple-minded, irrational and illogical debates diluting into name-calling that don’t get any real talking done.

Some segments of feminism and feminist philosophy have taken an unfair and one-sided approach against men’s rights groups. This is completely counterintuitive to the actual conversations that should be taking place because it marginalizes these men’s groups which is inherently hypocritical and it is ironic that a self-proclaimed feminist would act in such a manner. It only takes a small presence of mind to realize that by marginalizing and side-lining men’s rights groups, one is working against equality rather than for it and as such these people are fighting against their own cause. Men must be included as much women in the conversation for equality.'

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'Suggesting science research is too male dominated, this fall the University of Wisconsin-Madison will roll out a post-doctorate “feminist biology” program to counter the alleged sexism and get out from under “male, white, straight” viewpoints, organizers say.

The program will be under the school’s Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, rather than the biology department, as it strives to “uncover and reverse gender bias in biology,” the university states on its website.

Janet Hyde, director of the campus Center for Research on Gender & Women, said feminist biology “is raising new questions and suggesting novel solutions,” and described the new doctorate program as “the first in the nation – and probably the world.”
“Women are hardly ignored in biology. In fact, they have far surpassed men in earning biology degrees,” Sommers said.

She described the ways in which feminists have blown so-called sexist scientific discoveries out of proportion in the past, such as feminist scholar Catharine MacKinnon who argued that “the male scientific approach was similar to that of a rapist who would take joy in violating Mother Nature and penetrating her secrets.”

“Make no mistake,” Sommers said, “this new program is not about getting more women into the field. It’s about promoting women with the right worldview.”

She added: “Memo to the women at the University of Wisconsin… we need good biologists, not agenda-driven politicized scientists.”'

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'There was a time when university finals were an opportunity for students to show off how much they’d learnt about a particular subject during their time in higher education. Not anymore. Students at the University of Oxford are using this exam season to show off their awareness of sexual violence on campus through pinning a white ribbon to the academic gowns they have to wear during their exams. The inevitable pictures of students donning ribbon-adorned gowns are being enthusiastically ‘liked’ and retweeted online.

This comes on the back of a campaign organised by the students’ union at Oxford called It Happens Here that calls on Oxford students to share their experiences of sexual violence. The campaign follows the arrest of the Oxford students’ union president on an allegation of rape. Can it be true that Oxford’s dreamy spires and quiet courtyards are hiding an epidemic of misogyny, abuse and rape?

As I’ve argued before on spiked, there is no evidence to suggest an explosion in sexual violence at British universities. Instead, the current talk of a university ‘rape culture’ is merely the product of female students being encouraged to interpret the messy, uncomfortable and perhaps regrettable processes that are involved in negotiating relationships and sex through the prism of rape. The introduction of compulsory lessons in how to ensure sexual consent at many universities will only exacerbate this trend.

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'A Houston-based men’s rights group has come under heavy criticism for attempting to host a conference on men’s issues later this month in Detroit. Conference organizers claim that they were required by Double Tree hotel, where the conference is being held, to purchase 2 million dollars in insurance and around the clock police presence. According to organizers, this is the hotel’s way to protect the hotel and its guests from alleged threats that were made against the event.

The conference is being hosted by A Voice for Men, a social activism group that claims to “promote the dissemination of information that will expose misandry and gender-centrism on all levels in our culture.” They openly advocate for men’s rights and advocate against existing bias in the family law system.

A Voice for Men officials told Breitbart Texas that after receiving threats against the hotel and its guests, Double Tree management sent them a letter requiring them to spend roughly $25,000 on extra security for the event.
While it is unclear whether the threats made the group are real, there is undoubtedly a lot of controversy surrounding the event. A petition created to demand that the Double Tree Hilton cancel the conference has garnered over 3,500 signatures. In the comment section of the petition, signators compared the group to the KKK, Nazis, and Terrorists. Some of the comments even hint at using force to disrupt the event.

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'Editor’s note: On Thursday, U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisc.) and Robert Casey (D-Pa.) sent a letter to Post columnist George Will objecting to his column published online last Friday about sexual assault on college campuses. Today, Will sent the senators a response. Here is an excerpt:

Dear Senators Blumenthal, Feinstein, Baldwin and Casey:

I have received your letter of June 12, and I am puzzled. You say my statistics “fly in the face of everything we know about this issue.” You do not mention which statistics, but those I used come from the Obama administration, and from simple arithmetic involving publicly available reports on campus sexual assaults.

The administration asserts that only 12 percent of college sexual assaults are reported. Note well: I did not question this statistic. Rather, I used it.

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'JUNE 2014: Author and educator Brian Leaf is the director of The New Leaf Learning Center, a holistic tutoring center in Massachusetts. As an advocate of "conscious parenting," he's become known for his ability to blend research and humor, as evidenced in his most recent book, The Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi: Cloth Diapers, Cosleeping, and My (Sometimes Successful) Quest for Conscious Parenting—which includes an entire chapter on circumcision. Earlier this month, his essay "Why I Didn't Choose Circumcision" (excerpted from his book) was featured in the Parents section of The Huffington Post.

In his chapter titled "The Myth of Smegma," Brian tackles the issue of circumcision head-on (so to speak). "In the 1800s," he writes, "germ theory was gaining attention and people believed circumcision could fight the ultimate germ demon, smegma. Sounds like a Batman villain... Smegma is actually found in most animal genitalia and serves, in fact, to clean and lubricate the genitals. The word smegma itself is Greek for soap. Where the hell was Freud for all this? What would he have said about these wealthy white doctors all happily enjoying their foreskins while recommending that new babies lose theirs? Circumcision was the new snake oil."

Ultimately, Brian and his wife decided not to circumcise their son. He explains: "People ask me, 'What will you tell your son when he asks why his penis is different from yours?' I don't understand this concern. Why must his penis match mine? Our hair color is different. We have different noses and his teeth are better than mine. Should he get braces and a retainer to mimic my overbite?"'

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'Fathers’ Day has meant many different things to me over the years. I’ve spent the day in the company of my children and I’ve also spent it alone. But whether we’re together or apart, I am no less their father and they no less my children. Â This I can be sure of.

On a shelf in my bedroom I keep on display all of the little gifts and cards my younger daughter has worked so hard to make for me since she was first able. Origami cranes, a clay turtle with its baby piggy-back and a figure fashioned from Scotch tape and Snapple caps are just a few of these. They are precious and irreplaceable, as is she along with her sister and brother.

Our children have never been my soldiers or my spies - or sounding boards for my anger and frustration despite court appearances and divorce proceedings that have dragged on for over fourteen years. Instead I chose to love them unconditionally in the only way I know, which, difficult as it was at times, meant using restraint so they could develop their own views and opinions.

Revamping the court system, educating our lawmakers both in the senate and the assembly regarding the virtues of shared parenting, and writing meaningful legislation are vitally important goals, but there is so much more. We can talk about change, lobby for reform and campaign for children’s rights, but the real revolution comes from within. One parent can make a difference in the life of one child by putting the needs of that child first. It’s that simple. Together we can make a difference in the lives of many.'

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'Today I have some big news that I am excited to share. I’ve recently been working on a project with my dear friend Lisa Braver Moss. We’ve been putting together a book for families who want to hold a brit shalom ceremony for their newborn sons.

If you aren’t familiar—brit shalom is an alternative to brit milah. The baby is given a Hebrew name and welcomed into the Jewish community without circumcision. By all indicators, brit shalom is becoming evermore popular. For example, Dr. Mark Reiss’s Brit Shalom Providers List now boasts nearly 200 officiants—more than 100 of whom are bona fide rabbis.

Lisa and I decided it was time for a book about brit shalom, one that families and officiants could turn to for advice and inspiration. The book will include a choice of ceremonies, original songs, information about brit shalom and tips for hosting a service.

On June 17—that’s one week from today—we’ll be launching a 45-day Kickstarter campaign to officially announce our book, Celebrating Brit Shalom, and to raise needed funding so we can bring this book to the public.'

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