Article here. Excerpt:

'Vince Cable's attempt to use positive discrimination to get more women into the boardrooms of major companies has been thwarted by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), which has ruled out the use of all-female shortlists.

The business secretary had asked the equalities body to advise him on the legality of excluding men when trying to fill top City jobs as part of an effort to improve the gender balance in boardrooms.

Laura Carstensen, an EHRC commissioner, has issued new guidance which makes clear that using women-only shortlists is unlawful under equality law.

"It constitutes unlawful sex discrimination to select a person for a role because of their gender. The law does not permit positive discrimination when making an appointment or a promotion," the guidance said.'

Story here.

'JOLIETTE, QUE. — An 18-year-old woman didn't take too well to being dumped by her boyfriend Saturday, police say.

Within minutes, the broken-hearted young woman allegedly tried to torch his car, using old newspapers as kindling.
She continued her rampage the following day, Sgt. Gino Pare of the provincial police said.

"She went into the victim's shed to steal his scooter before abandoning it a few hundred metres away," he said.

She then called her ex and threatened him, Pare said.

When she showed up at his home Tuesday evening, he called 911.
They handcuffed her and put her in the back of a cruiser, where police say she smashed the car's rear windows with her feet.'

From a MANN reader:

Lots of action this week! Activists all over the UK are stepping up for our Children's Rights. Please do your part, and share this information with others. We are living the evolution to the revolution for our Children's Rights! Information here. Excerpt:

'We have a week of protests scot uk in London 19th to 26th july

The 70 year old who is walking for justice Sid hingerty walking from Glasgow to Brussels. and grandparents parachute jumps.

July 25th conference in London's Holloways road at the resource for London centre 9 to 5pm.

The London M25 motorway blockade delayed from February will show the uk justice system the uk social services the uk legal advisors that uk parents and families will not be lied in public about or even in the closed family courts.

Mums Dads Grandparents and Children marching for justice.'

Commentator and television personality Greta Van Susteren is running a survey on Campus Sexual Assault.

Q: Should colleges handle rape allegations or immediately turn over the allegations to the police / prosecutors to investigate?

The choices are:

1. Send all allegations to police / prosecutor

2. Colleges should first review the allegation 

Not sure how to vote? 

Hint: Over 200 editorials have criticized campus sex panels:

Please visit Greta's website HERE and vote today.

On behalf of all victims, and all who have been falsely accused, thank you.

Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

Article here. Excerpt:

'An epidemic of sexual assault is supposedly raging on college campuses. Surveys and studies repeat the same frightening statistics: either one-in-four or one-in-five college women have been the victims of a sexual assault. Yet at a June hearing of the California State Assembly Higher Education and Joint Legislative Audit committees, chairman Das Williams couldn’t understand why the number of students disciplined for sexual misconduct was so low. A University of California at Berkeley administrator, for example, reported just 10 suspensions or expulsions out of 43 cases involving non-consensual sex over the last six years. How could that possibly be?
Williams is promising a slate of bills early next year that would mandate training for all university employees to respond to, and intervene to prevent, sexual assault, and, more significantly, to beef up punishments for alleged assailants. “Rape is a very difficult thing to prosecute,” he told the Sacramento Bee. Because most college disciplinary boards already use the lower “preponderance of evidence” standard—as opposed to the more rigorous “reasonable doubt” standard that criminal courts apply—“there is a real role that schools can play that law enforcement can’t.”

There is much talk about the amazing performance of female students at Harvey Mudd: 54% of the BA degrees in engineering when to women. The success of Harvey Mudd is making it all the papers.

What they are not saying is that the admission standards have become sexist against men. They accept women with lower grades.

~14.4% of all male applicants are accepted.
~38% of all female applicants are accepted.

If this were reversed, the feminists would howl. Instead, we have social engineering that is biased against men. Just read the comments and listen to the rationalizations.

Waiting for the first class action suit!

Received an email for this site this morning, which read as follows:

'Kerri-Anne Kennerley is today launching a new consumer movement to build the buying power of Australian women. Australian women now manage 72% of household budgets and are the primary breadwinner in 24% of homes.

The SwitchedOn Women consumer movement, the first of its kind, aims to attract 25,000 members and incentivise businesses to:

Offer discounts to women on essential products such as energy, groceries and petrol, and release more products and services specifically targeted at women, such as customised health insurance.

As the movement grows, we intend to expand into other products, services and industries.'

As usual: Benefits apply, but only if you're a woman.

Article here. Excerpt:

'5. They have a higher purpose or cause.

Women are often much deeper thinkers than men and tend to care more about spiritual matters. Women go to places of worship more often and are more involved in giving back to others than men. There are varying theories on why this is so, one is that women are naturally more spiritual than men because their role in life is constantly changing, causing them to reevaluate their lives on a regular basis.

In other words, women are always self-monitoring and pondering life. Because women tend to care more about a higher purpose in life and they give more to various causes, it only makes sense that this attribute would stay with a women when she becomes an entrepreneur, making her a great leader.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'We've short-changed our boys and men by defining masculinity in such a way as to constrict the complex essence of their humanity.

Carl Jung believed that everybody came into the world with both masculine and feminine qualities. Men are the physical embodiment of the masculine, yet they all have the feminine archetype within them, known as the anima. And women are the physical embodiment of the feminine, yet they have the masculine archetype within them, called the animus. With these two forces at play within us, we all have the potential to be happy, balanced, and whole in our time on Earth.

Criticizing masculinity doesn't mean pitting males against females. Masculinity is not exclusive to men. Weall carry its qualities.

Moreover, masculinity is not the problem in and of itself. Masculinity -- usually associated with competition, logic, rational thinking, boldness, action and strength -- is only a problem when it's operating in excess.

And the excessive masculine bravado in our culture will only get worse -- until we quit shaming the feminine.'

Story here. Excerpt:

'A mother has been jailed for four years after falsely claiming her boyfriend had raped her 14 times in a bid for revenge after their baby was taken into care.

Former Tesco worker Heather Gibson, 29, of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, was told by a judge that her actions had made it more difficult for real victims of rape to be believed in court.

Her former partner Gavin Plaistowe, 30, was held in police custody for 35 hours after she accused him of 12 rapes. Mr Plaistowe waited a month for police to investigate and find he was innocent.
Mr Plaistowe could have been jailed for 20 years if the allegations had been true.

But Gibson later confessed to a friend she blamed Mr Plaistowe for losing her child into care because she had made a complaint about him dropping the baby. Social Services took the baby into care for lack of parenting skills.

Gibson, a former grammar school pupil, sought revenge with the false claims to the police. But when she was charged with perverting the course of justice, she forged a string of letters.'

Article here. I found this article that speaks volumes. I am not a Muslim but this certainly explains how the west has not only been loosing its people but also the dominance it once had over the world when men were in charge and the society was stable. Look at all the feminized nations (western Europe, Scandinavia, etc). The moment Russia screams they start scrambling and looking for the USA. Sadly, in the coming years, the USA could be in a similar situation. The rise of BRICS is a big event happening today. Excerpt:

'If the projections of the United Nations are to be believed, the West is dying a slow death. 

In 2000, Europe had a population of 727 304 000. In 2015, it will have shrunk to 704 506 000. By 2020, it will be 694 877 000. In 2000, 13.8% of the population was aged between 15-24, yet by 2020, it will be just 10.2%. Meanwhile, the percentage of the population over 60 will rise from 20.3% to 26.4%. A similar trend is occurring in America, with the UN predicting the percentage of people 15-24 falling from 13.5% to 12.6%, buoyed only by immigration. Similarly the percentage of people over 60 will jump from 16.2% to 23.0% in just 20 years. 
Andrea Dworkin, author of Pornography: Men possessing Women, claimed that marriage was nothing more than a refined form of rape: 

"Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice. Rape, originally defined as abduction, became marriage by capture. Marriage meant the taking was to extend in time, to be not only use of but possession of, or ownership."

Writing in WOMEN: A Journal of Liberation, in Fall, 1969, Linda Gordon elucidated clearly the object of the feminist struggle and the reasons: 

Survey link:

If you are living with prostate cancer, please do the survey. Every bit helps to uncover improved ways to predict, treat, and hopefully one day find a safe and reliable non-invasive cure for it. Malecare's web site is at

Article here. Excerpt:

'Top White House officials had an hour-long meeting with a group of scholars and activists calling for the inclusion of girls of color in President Obama’s signature racial justice program known as My Brother’s Keeper. The meeting included the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has championed MBK, and top activists and academics who signed a letter criticizing the initiative for focusing on boys and young men of color without a corollary for girls of color.
Announced in February, MBK is a $200 million dollar public-private partnership, that will direct resources and attention to boys of color, who statistically have high incarceration and drop-out rates.  The White House released a 60-page task force detailing some of the barriers and difficulties young men of color often face. Obama first announced his intention to address the social problems of young men of color in the wake of the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case, which sparked anger among many, particularly African Americans.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'In 2008, Tory leader David Cameron pledged to give a third of ministerial places to women by the end of his first parliament. Back then, 2015 must have seemed like a long way off. But here we are, 50 months into his 60 month fixed-term tenure and that target is a long way from being met. Before this shake-up, women make up just a fifth of the total ministerial list and a paltry 14% of those in Cabinet.
However, despite the importance of this short-term improvement, it is crucial that all parties continue to scrutinise and take firm action to improve the status of women in their own ranks, and to challenge and address the wider culture in both Westminster and the media that puts women off entering, and staying in the profession.

A report published on Monday by the APPG on Women in Parliament once again highlights the many hurdles women face when entering elected office – from discrimination at the selection process (where a survey of 144 sitting and former MPs found a whopping 67% faced discrimination during their selection process) to un-family friendly sitting hours and the deeply sexist culture that continues to pervade the Westminster bubble.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'David Cameron is open to the idea of the eventual introduction of all-women shortlists on a voluntary basis, senior Tory sources have said, amid fears that the party could fail to boost its number of female MPs at next year's general election.

On the eve of his final planned reshuffle before the election, in which the prime minister is expected to promote a number of women, the controversial issue of all-women shortlists returns to the agenda as a cross-party group raises the prospect of "prescriptive quotas".
Cameron hopes that promoting women to important posts at all ranks of his government will show that the Tory party is modernising. But there are fears that the party is falling behind in the selection of women candidates in parliamentary seats.

Amid concerns that Labour and the Liberal Democrats are selecting more women for safe seats, Cameron has put the Conservatives' chairman, Grant Shapps, "on the case" to get more female candidates into winnable seats.'

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