Article here. Excerpt:

'Men were almost twice as likely as women to work more than 40 hours a week, and women almost twice as likely to work only 35 to 39 hours per week. Once that is taken into consideration, the pay gap begins to shrink. Women who worked a 40-hour week earned 88% of male earnings. Then there is the issue of marriage and children. The BLS reports that single women who have never married earned 96% of men’s earnings in 2012….

Education also matters. Even within groups with the same educational attainment, women often choose fields of study, such as sociology, liberal arts or psychology, that pay less in the labor market…

Risk is another factor. Nearly all the most dangerous occupations, such as loggers or iron workers, are majority male and 92% of work-related deaths in 2012 were to men…. Also: Males are more likely to pursue occupations where compensation is risky from year to year, such as law and finance. Research shows that average pay in such jobs is higher to compensate for that risk.'

Also see:

Article here. Excerpt:

'Tuesday is "Equal Pay Day." Meaning that it's time again to unleash the hounds to flush out all those misogynists who are keeping women in chains.

Women's paychecks don't equal men's because a vast male cabal is populating human relations departments across the land making sure that women's paychecks always and everywhere are smaller.

At least that's the idea that you might get from everyone who rolls out, as they will today, the oft-repeated canard that women "are paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men."

It's not true, according to, which noted that a 2012 campaign ad for President Barack Obama repeated the deception when it said, "The son of a single mom, proud father of two daughters, President Obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair, it hurts families."

Obama played a variation on the same tune when he said in his State of the Union address, "You know, today, women make up about half our workforce, but they still make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns." In this, he left out "for the same work as men," but the statistic remains simplistic and deceptive.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Jay Carney, the president’s press secretary, said the statistics for White House staff members reflect the fact that women fill more lower-level positions than men. But he said that women and men in the same positions at the White House are paid the same, and that many of the women hold senior positions.

“Men and women in equivalent roles here earn equivalent salaries,” Mr. Carney said. “Some of the most senior positions in the White House are filled by women, including national security adviser, homeland security adviser, White House counsel, communications director, senior adviser, deputy chief of staff.”

He said that the 88-cent statistic was misleading because it aggregates the salaries of White House staff members at all levels, including the lowest levels, where women outnumber men.'

Link here. Excerpt:

'Although sexual harassment is damaging for both men and women in the military, new research finds that military men have more trouble coping with it.

Men who experience threatening sexual harassment might become more distressed and have more problems with work performance than women subjected to similar treatment, according to the study, which was published online in the March issue of the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

"The surprise was that men were more upset and debilitated after experiencing frightening sexual harassment than women," study lead author Isis Settles, of Michigan State University, said in a journal news release.

"Men may be less likely to think they'll be sexually harassed, so it's a particularly strong violation of their expectations and that could result in stronger negative reactions," Settles said. "Another possibility is that men feel less able to cope with their sexual harassment than women, who know it's a possibility and therefore are perhaps more emotionally prepared."'

Story here.

'Thirteen-year-old Ethan Chaplin, who attends school in Vernon, New Jersey, was suspended for two days and will undergo a psychological evaluation after another student complained that he was "twirling a pencil" like a gun.

According to News 12 New Jersey, Chaplin said he was "just twisting around a pencil with a pen cap on it when a student behind him yelled, 'He's making gun motions, send him to juvie.'"

Chaplin told officials he had repeatedly been bullied by the student who complained and that the complaint about the pencil was just an extension of that. But the school suspended him anyway, "pending the outcome of a psychological evaluation."

Vernon Schools Superintendent Charles Maranzano indicated that "school policy and the law requires [sic] him to investigate when anyone in school feels uncomfortable or threatened by another student." He said, "We never know what's percolating in the minds of children. And when they demonstrate behaviors that raise red flags, we must do our duty."'

Story here. Excerpt:

'Police appealed for the public's help to find her attacker after she said a man raped her on Saturday afternoon.

But after interviewing the girl, officers now say "no offence was found to have taken place".

Det Ch Insp Rebecca Mears said the girl had been spoken to by officers and regretted making the claim.

She added: "It is essential that victims of rape feel confident that police will support and encourage them to come forward and report the crime.

"In this instance, the girl making the false report has been spoken to by officers and understands and regrets the gravity of what she has done.

"Due to the circumstances of this particular case, the matter will not be taken any further."'

Story here. Excerpt:

'Onondaga Nation Territory -- Onondaga Nation men marched to the Onondaga Nation School this morning to take a stand against domestic violence and child abuse.

The goal of the walk was to show the children of the Onondaga Nation that these men will not commit, condone or stay silent about abuse against women or children.

"We want the children to know that they can trust these men and that they will listen and believe them," said Nicky Calf Robe, the leader of the Onondaga Nation Alliance to End Abuse.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'You gotta get ‘em while they’re young.

A rumbling is beginning among feminists to try to get their ideology put to use in the classroom. In an article on Pandagon, the liberal blog that gave rise to Ezra Klein, a feminist mom calling herself “Glosswitch” brought up the issue:

“When I think of the blind faith in gender that surrounds [her son], I’m not feeling so comfortable. It’s not just that the stereotypes are limiting on an individual basis. They are everywhere and they embed, ever so gradually, the sense that is natural for women and girls to be decorative, whereas men and boys are the active ones. This isn’t what I want my son to learn at school, a place that should be opening his mind, not closing it.”

Her outrage began because her son learned a song called “Jesus is my superhero,” which featured verses about how Jesus was better than Superman, Spiderman, Batman, etc. Glosswitch became upset when the only woman mentioned in the song was Barbie.
I can imagine it now: Little girls taught that when they grow up they'll be paid 77 cents to the dollar their male counterparts earn, taught that abortion can solve all their problems, taught that free birth control is a right and that anyone who says otherwise is a misogynist and waging a “war on women.”

Teach them to be victims before they ever have a chance to see otherwise. Oh, and then watch Democrats continue to promise that government will fix everything if only they’re put in charge.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'While the U.S. Supreme Court weighs the constitutionality of the Obamacare contraception mandate, the real goal of the provision appears to have very little to do with providing affordable birth control.

After combing through Obama administration documents in the Federal Register, National Center for Public Policy Research Chairwoman Amy Ridenour said the administration’s official justification for the policy is very different than the reasons often stated publicly.

“While the president went out in the East Room and gave a speech saying that the purpose of the HHS mandate is to help lower-income women afford birth control, in the HHS documents themselves, they talk about something else entirely and that is that the purpose of the mandate is to reduce economic and social disparities between men and women,” Ridenour said.

“This is an official legal document. They do not talk about the need to help lower-income people afford birth control. They do not say things like birth control may only be $9 a month, but if you make $9 an hour that’s a lot of money. No, what they talk about over and over and over again is gender disparity. It sounds like a women’s studies class,” she said.
Ridenour said the proof of the mandate as a wedge issue between the genders can be seen in the fact that women’s contraception services are fully covered, from contraceptives to abortion-inducing drugs to sterilization methods such as tubal ligation. However, the mandate provides no coverage whatsoever for men when it comes to condoms or even vasectomies.

She also said the low-income argument falls apart in light of what the mandate does and doesn’t do.

“A billionaire woman would be covered, and a very, very poor man would not be covered. Income has absolutely nothing to do with this. Gender and, frankly, feminism has everything to do with it,” Ridenour said.'

Link here. Excerpt:

'The recent burning and beheading of female victims in Thailand’s southern Muslim provinces marks a renewed campaign of terror by insurgent groups, according to a Human Rights Watch statement released today.

At least three Thai Buddhist women have been killed and mutilated by insurgents since February, according to HRW.

“Southern insurgents are killing Buddhist women and spreading terror by beheading and burning their bodies,” Brad Adams, Asia director at HRW, said in the statement.
Male victims have been decapitated numerous times in the past, but this marked the first case in the past 10 years when a female victim was beheaded, said Sunai.
At least 5,488 people have been killed in the southern border provinces since the conflict intensified in January 2004.'

This Nivea Stress Protect ad being aired in Australia is demeaning to men.

I posted the following over there under "Male Positive Media":

"This is definitely not male positive media; it's demeaning and sexist toward men, as many other commenters have already pointed out. I'm going to post this over at so men know not to buy Nivea products, unless and until this ad is removed and Nivea starts to produce more positive media depictions of men."

Many other commenters at YouTube have had similar comments and Nivea's public relations YouTube account has been posting platitudes already, but at least they've noticed.

Link here. Excerpt:

'Consumers have filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Allergan Inc. (NYSE: AGN) and its pharmaceutical company subsidiary, SkinMedica, claiming that the companies have misbranded and unlawfully marketed Tissue Nutrient Solution (TNS), a skin-care product line containing human growth factors obtained from human foreskin tissue which could increase the risk of cancer and pose other health risks, according to the complaint.

The lawsuit, filed by consumer-rights law firm Hagens Berman in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, claims that for at least the past four years, SkinMedica has failed to disclose significant safety concerns associated with TNS products while marketing the products without appropriate government approval, proper labeling, or adequate safety studies.

According to the firm’s investigation, SkinMedica’s TNS products, which have been sold nationally through doctors’ offices and retailers, contain a proprietary mix of “human growth factors” derived from human foreskin tissue. Human growth factors are intended to mobilize, stimulate, or otherwise alter the production of cells, including the ability to initiate cell division, which could stimulate growth of cancerous tumor cells, according to the complaint.
The lawsuit is a proposed class action based upon California’s consumer protection laws, and seeks to represent a class of all persons in the U.S. who purchased SkinMedica’s TNS products during the last four years.
Concerned consumers are encouraged to contact Hagens Berman by emailing or calling 206-623-7292.'

Story here. Excerpt:

'A jilted doctor who paid a gang to chop off her fiance's penis has been jailed for six years, it has been reported.

Brazilian Myriam Priscilla Castro, 34, ordered the gruesome attack after her boyfriend, Wendel Souza, ended their relationship three days before their wedding.

Ms Castro, a respected doctor from a wealthy family in Juiz de Fora, southeast Brazil, is also believed to have paid for Mr Souza's house to be burned down and his car wrecked.

A court heard how three men, who claimed they were carrying out Ms Castro's orders, snatched Mr Souza the week after the planned wedding and used a knife to slice off his manhood.

Ms Castro's 76-year-old father is also accused of helping his daughter find and contract the men, who were all ex-convicts.'

In a MAJOR VICTORY for us, the Dept. Of Education has backed off their Affirmative Consent proposal.

The proposal (partners would be expected to give their explicit consent to sex every step along the way) is silly, yet potentially dangerous. We asked you to oppose it, and you did. Thank you.

Together, we made a difference. On April 2, the DED released its new proposal, and guess what is missing! That's right: Affirmative Consent.


But we're not done yet.

Even though the committee didn't recommend including the "Dear Colleague" letter's preponderance of evidence standard as part of the rule, it's still a concern. Please ask DED Secretary Arne Duncan to replace the "preponderance of evidence" standard (51%) with "clear and convincing" (70-80%) level of proof.

Email Arne Duncan:


Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

P.S. If you live in California, contact your lawmakers to oppose SB 967. It's an Affirmative Consent bill!

Story here. Excerpt:

'Belfast Crown Court heard that Lisha Tait cried rape after being given the “cold shoulder” in a Belfast nightclub by a man she had a previous liaison with.

The 22-year-old, from Laurel Lodge in the Flush Gardens area of Lisburn, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.

The charge relates to making a false report and two false written statements to police on dates between July 6 and August 15, 2013 claiming she had been raped.

Crown prosecutor Simon Jenkins said the series of events began in the early hours of July 7 when police received a call from the Ambulance Service in relation to a distressed woman who claimed she had been raped outside the Odyssey complex in Belfast.

After making the claim, Tait was taken to the Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Antrim, where she was examined.'

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