Mike Spaniola composed an insightful essay that examines the politics of domestic violence and looks at why men take so much abuse with so little protest. Read on for Mensactivism.org's first feature article submission...

ABCnews ran a story about an embryo custody court battle, where a woman's right to decline maternity was upheld. It was made clear during the case that this was a decision about forcing someone into parenthood, and that the woman "had a constitutional right not to have children, if she so chose." The case is headed for The Supreme Court on Monday. These precedents are very useful for supporters of Choice for Men, who can make use of them in a Constitutional equal protection argument. This is good news!

mfitzgerald asked that I post a review of his work Sex-ploytation: How Women Use Their Bodies To Extort Money From Men. The review initially appeared in NCFM's journal Transitions, and I've received permission to re-print it on this site. Click below to read on...

Matthew Fitzgerald submitted a story from the Britain Sunday Times by Andrew Sullivan which touches upon the many ways boys and young men are being implicitly told that masculinity is bad and dangerous. A good article from someone who 'gets it'. Please send The Sunday Times some positive feedback on this one.

krob4399 submitted his personal account of being abused by his wife and the brainwashing done to him when he was forcefully committed to a mental institution. Apparently, they tried to make him think the abuse happened in his childhood rather than in his marriage. A chilling account of a worst-case scenario of domestic violence. Click below to read his story...

The Philadelphia Associated Press printed a story today reporting that women's advocates will be reviewing previously "unfounded" sex crime cases, in the hopes of re-opening many of these cases, and convicting more criminals. While the idea sounds interesting at first (it is mentioned that homicide experts are often called in on murder cases which are difficult to solve), I am not so sure that most women's advocates are objective 'experts' on sexual assault. Can you say witchhunt?

I guess I'll post this to see how the C4M icon looks. I wrote a research paper on Men's Reproductive Rights which is on-line. I am considering expanding/re-writing the paper as a feature article for a magazine, if I ever find the time to get to it this summer.

Christina Hoff-Sommers has released a part of her upcoming book: The War Against Boys in the May issue of The Atlantic Monthly. In it she is very critical of Carol Gilligan, who replied to the article, and was then rebuffed by Sommers again. You can read their dialogue here.

Anonymous User writes "Desiree Cooper wrote an interesting editorial about boys in early education, and how their needs are not being met." A surprising article, coming from DFP.

So, what's this all about anyway? Could it be true that men are discriminated against, have few choices in life, and aren't as happy as they seem? Are men really the oppressive tyrants they are portrayed as in the media and by radical feminists? Well, The Men's Activism News Network is here to fight anti-male bias and portrayal in the media, provide a forum for men to speak out in, and organize men's groups on a national level.

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