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'A Virginia man who has fathered children with several women has agreed to get a vasectomy to reduce his prison term by up to five years in a child endangerment case that has evoked the country’s dark history of forced sterilization.

None of the charges against Jessie Lee Herald, 27, involved a sexual offense. Shenandoah County assistant prosecutor Ilona White said her chief motive in making the extraordinarily unusual offer was keeping Herald from fathering more than the seven children he has by at least six women.

“He needs to be able to support the children he already has when he gets out,” she said, adding that Herald and the state both benefit from the deal, first reported by the Northern Virginia Daily.'

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'Cathy Young has an excellent column in about a bill in California that would require universities in that state to use an “affirmative consent” standard for evaluating sexual assault complaints in the campus disciplinary system for complaints involving students. Two obvious questions arise: (1) Why just on campus? If this is a good idea, why not make it part the tort system? If that’s too drastic, let’s start, with say, members of the California legislature. For internal disciplinary purposes, their sexual activity should be governed by the same standard they want to impose on students. What plausible grounds could they have for rejecting application of a standard they would impose on students to themselves? (2) If we’re limiting things to campus, why just students? Why should students be judged under this standard, but not faculty and administrators? It’s hardly unheard of for professors, administrators, and even law school deans to engage in sexual relationships of dubious morality. The answer is that it’s not a good idea, and it’s a product of the current moral panic over the hookup culture.

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'The scene is familiar to every soccer fan: An aggressive defender slightly bumps a striker, who reacts as if struck by a taser's barb. His arms flail. His legs crumple beneath him. He writhes on the turf, grabbing at indeterminate pain. And then, once the ref either does or does not call a penalty, he pops up, unharmed as ever, and plays on.

The Internet too often resembles that scene. Every week, a fraught subject is broached, usually imperfectly. Perhaps a wrongheaded or offensive claim is made. Plenty of thoughtful people offer smart, plausible rebuttals. But they're overshadowed by distortionists with practiced performances of exaggerated outrage. The object isn't a fair debate—it's to get the other guy ejected.

Last week, George Will was the focus of the umbrage-takers. His June 6 column, "Colleges become the victims of progressivism," isn't without flaws. The worst of them may deserve a yellow card for a careless, overaggressive tackling maneuver. But only by misrepresenting Will's argument can his least responsible critics insist that, after four decades and thousands of columns in the Washington Post, he ought to be fired from his twice-weekly perch for these 753 words.

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'President Barack Obama delivered a rousing speech in favor of progressive family policies Monday, declaring that paid family leave and affordable childcare “are not frills, these are basic needs.”

Speaking to a rapturous crowd at the first-ever White House Summit on Working Families Monday afternoon, Obama noted that “too often these issues are thought of as women’s issues, which I guess means you can kind of scoot them aside a little bit. “ But, he said, “Anything that makes life harder for women, makes life harder for families, and makes life harder for children.”

Obama added, “This is about you too, men.” He conceded that there is a double standard for men’s participation in parenting, where men get cheered for attending parent-teacher conferences while women’s professional commitment gets questioned for doing the same.

He also pointed out that the United States is the only developed country without mandated paid maternity leave.

Obama will sign a presidential memorandum directing federal agencies to expand flexibility policies, call on Congress to pass the languishing Pregnant Workers Fairness Act to expand workplace accommodations, and direct Labor Secretary Thomas Perez to allocate $25 million towards childcare for people who want to attend job training programs.
Women – and in particular women of color and unmarried women – are an important constituency for Democrats, in this fall’s midterms and beyond. Obama nodded to this, even as he said that the motivation for the summit was his personal commitment to the issues.

“Somebody asked, well, it’s well known that women are more likely to vote for Democrats,” Obama said. “To which I said, ‘Women are smarter.’”'

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'The most amazing part of this argument isn’t the Pavlovian resort to identity-card victimization, although that’s certainly amazing enough. It’s the total amnesia about how Democrats spent their 2012 summer vacation and the abject hypocrisy that follows that causes the jaw to drop. I missed this part of the Washington Post story on Democratic panic over Hillary Clinton’s continuing faceplants over her wealth, but David Frum pointed it out on Twitter (via Twitchy):
Here’s Brazile [link added] throwing the sexism card:

Strategist Donna Brazile, a Clinton supporter, said scrutiny of Clinton’s speaking fees smacks of sexism.

“I hope Hillary never apologizes for trying to earn a living,” Brazile said. “She’s no different than [former secretary of state] Colin Powell, no different than [former Florida governor] Jeb Bush, no different than anybody else who’s left public office and looked for ways to make an income. . . . What is wrong with a woman having the same earning potential as any man?”

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'No men allowed.

That’s the message women’s colleges across the country send to college applicants -- and alumnae want to keep it that way.

“Every high school graduate, female and male, should have the option of attending a single-sex college if he or she wishes,” Gretchen Van Ness, a representative of Wilson College Women said.

Wilson College, a private liberal arts college located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, has been an all-women's institution since it was founded over 140 years ago.

But that changed last fall when the administration admitted its first undergraduate male students, sparking debate between the school’s leadership and alumnae.

“In abandoning Wilson College’s core mission as a women’s college and morphing it into a coeducational institution without approval of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, we believe (Wilson College) President Barbara Mistick and the Board of Trustees have failed generations of alumnae and future students who would benefit from a Wilson education,” Van Ness said.'

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'It was the instant the police officer stretched out his hand and seized the belt from Ben Sullivan’s jeans, apologetically telling him he wasn’t allowed to wear it, that the reality of just what was unfolding began to register.

Moments before, groggy and disorientated, the 21-year-old Oxford student had been woken by a rap on his bedroom door. Expecting to find one of his flatmates on the threshold, he yelled for them to come in. Instead, filling the doorway were two uniformed officers and a plain-clothed detective from Thames Valley Police.

‘It was surreal, scary and a bit stunning,’ Ben says, reliving that moment on May 7. ‘I recall glimpsing the clock and noting the time – I don’t know why. It was 6.50am.'

Calmly, the officers told him he was being arrested. An allegation of rape and one of attempted rape had been made against him, and he was being taken to Oxford’s Abingdon Road station to be formally questioned.

It was as Ben, President of the Oxford Union, the university’s 191-year-old debating society, hastily pulled on a pair of jeans and a sweater that one officer told him he couldn’t wear the belt. ‘A suicide risk,’ Ben explains with a wry smile. ‘It seemed like something from a cop show, a television drama. But it was scary. It was happening. It was real.

‘I had a total sense of disbelief and that pit-of-the-stomach anxiety when you can’t believe what is going on.’
‘Seeing my reputation trashed has been sobering and painful,’ he reveals. ‘My whole life has been rifled through and examined. It has been utterly draining.’

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'Hugs, not thugs

When David Cameron suggested that as a nation we needed to hug a hoodie he had forgotten Rule Number One.

Rule Number One in this country is that we don't like white, working class boys. From what they say to what they wear, it's all wrong. Understanding that universal truth is as much about being British as eating fish and chips.

While some nations shrug their shoulders at the testosterone--fuelled antics of young men or even put them on pedestals, in Britain they are regarded as thick, violent, drunken, lazy, racist, sexist yobs.

So why is everybody getting upset this week about a Commons report that shows WWBs and girls are under-performing at school?

What difference does it make if just 32 per cent of under-privileged white British children achieve five good GCSEs compared with 42 per cent of poor black Caribbean children and 61 per cent of disadvantaged Indian children? It's not as if there's a glut of jobs out there waiting to be filled.

Michael Gove says he wants to know why, but does he really? The unpalatable truth is that the rest of us don't like them and have a vested interest in making sure they don't do well.

In primary school they are taught by middle-class young women who expect naughty boys to look and act like Just William and want scamps with scraped knees, not scalped young oafs who can't sit still with a nice line in cheeky, chappie backchat.

By the time these WWBs grow into shuffling, mumbling secondary school pupils with all the charm of Roland Rat, they are too far along the road to nowhere to do a U-turn. Teachers understandably concentrate on the well-behaved good kids who are going to help those league table results.'

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'While the traditional image of domestic violence is a man beating a woman, a review of arrest records shows that many women are being charged in connection with violence against their husbands or boyfriends.

At the Gainesville Police Department in recent years, arrests of women on domestic battery or assault charges have sometimes outpaced the arrests of men. In 2010, for instance, 38 women were arrested compared with 29 men. In 2012, 35 women were arrested and 33 men.

Meanwhile, more than 27 percent of those arrested by all law enforcement agencies in the county on domestic violence charges have been women over the past three years.

Why are so many women now being arrested?

Are women becoming more violent? Are police more willing to arrest women than they were in the past? Are men more willing to report domestic violence? Are abused women fighting back? Are men who abuse women calling police to claim that they were the victims in a game of one-upmanship?

Law enforcement, attorneys, victim advocates and counselors say all of the above play a role.'

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'National soccer icon Hope Solo [link added] was arrested early Saturday morning for allegedly assaulting her sister and nephew at her Seattle home, police told TIME.

Solo, 32, was hosting a large party when she attacked her sister and nephew shortly before 1 a.m., leaving visible injuries on both of them, police said. Her nephew is a teenager and her sister is in her forties.

Solo is being held without bail at the South Correctional Entity Regional Jail under the name Hope Amelia Stevens on charges of fourth-degree assault. Her first court appearance is set for Monday morning.

The star American goalkeeper won two Olympic gold medals playing for the U.S. Women’s National Team. She currently plays for the National Women’s Soccer League’s Seattle Reign FC.'

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'Sometimes, a woman just feels more comfortable if she is surrounded by women at certain vulnerable times. Even if her husband is with her.

Now for the first time ever, a new emergency medical service for women only, by women only, has begun ambulance service in the Boro Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

The neighborhood is home to a high concentration of Chassidic Jewish families, where most women do not feel comfortable being treated by men in the ambulances, even Jewish ones.

And up to now, the Jewish Hatzoloh emergency medical service has refused to allow women to serve on its crews, even under really awkward circumstances when pregnant women are in labor or actually about to give birth. Many women have complained about that situation for years. Qualified Jewish religious female emergency medical technicians (EMTs) have offered to work on Hatzoloh ambulances as well, but all have been turned away.

Finally, someone has done something about it.'

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'Oxford University students are considered some of the most privileged people in the country.

But the sexist, irrational witch-hunt suffered by Ben Sullivan, the college’s Union President, shows that even those destined for greatness aren’t above a legal system that currently hates men.

After five weeks of public humiliation, finger-pointing and gender bias – both on campus and in the media – police confirmed that he won’t face a single charge over two unfounded rape allegations.

Not one. Nothing. Nadda.

But, like countless men all over the world – including Paul Weller, Amy Winehouse’s ex-boyfriend Reg Traviss, Nigel Evans MP, William Roache and Craig Charles – Sullivan's life has already been affected by a system that considers men’s innocence a bonus, not a baseline.

What a joke.

In a damning example of everyday sexism, Sarah Pine, President for Women at Oxford University Student Union, spearheaded a character assassination against the innocent 21 year-old, before the accusations against him had time to be considered.
Currently, the law means young men like me – like you – are sitting ducks when it comes to such vile allegations. Even innocence doesn’t defend us from being named and shamed by a compulsive liar, a fantasist or a vengeful lover.

This needs to change. After all, if it can happen to celebrities and Oxford University students, the rest of us mere mortals are already doomed.'

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'RETIRING Liberal senator Sue Boyce has described Prime Minister Tony Abbott as “a sexist” and says the coalition has been “dog whistling” with its asylum seeker policies. Speaking on her departure from federal parliament at the end of the month, Senator Boyce has told Fairfax Media she thinks Julia Gillard's famous misogyny speech was “powerful” and within context, “brilliant”.

However, she says Mr Abbott would have better been described by Ms Gillard as a subtle sexist, one of many in federal politics. Senator Boyce did however concede that Mr Abbott, during her time in Canberra, had been more willing to listen to the views of women than many of her male colleagues.

Some of the coalition's older MPs still “yearned for the life when proper mothers stayed home and looked after the children and proper fathers who had their slippers handed to them”, Fairfax quoted her as saying.'

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'A U.S. Navy sailor from Washington State is currently serving on a submarine thousands of miles away in the Pacific Ocean, but a judge has ordered him into an impossible custody scenario: Appear in a Michigan courtroom Monday or risk losing custody of his 6-year-old daughter.

Navy submariner Matthew Hindes was given permanent custody of his daughter Kaylee in 2010, after she was reportedly removed from the home of his ex-wife, Angela, by child protective services. But now a judge has ordered him to appear in court Monday, or risk losing his daughter to his ex-wife in addition to a bench warrant being issued for his arrest, ABC News reports.

Hindes’ lawyers argue he should be protected by the Service Members Civil Relief Act, which states courts in custody cases may “grant a stay of proceedings for a minimum period of 90 days to defendants serving their country.”

But the Michigan judge hearing the case, circuit court judge Margaret Noe, disagrees, stating: “If the child is not in the care and custody of the father, the child should be in the care and custody of the mother.”

The judge reiterated that regardless of Hindes’ assignment under the Pacific Ocean, he will appear in court or face contempt of court.'

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'The University of Missouri recently covered up a large sports advertisement that paid homage to its fight song after a progressive female Democrat politician complained it was sexist and condoned a culture of violence against women.

Earlier this month, the school displayed a large trailer with the message “Every True Son Goes to Mizzou” plastered on its side, along with its tiger mascot and the message: “For Tickets Call 1-800-Cat-Paws.”

Some on the Columbia campus didn’t think twice about it, others were offended.

But the loudest protestation came from Missouri State Rep. Stacey Newman (D-St. Louis County), a feminist politician who founded Progress Women to highlight the “war on women.”

Newman told the university and the local press that the billboard was sexist, especially given the number of female athletes currently enrolled at the school, and also suggested it condoned a culture of violence, citing the recent killing spree near UC Santa Barbara.'

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