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'The Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell published an article in their Opinions section on Mar. 10 telling every woman to “Stop trying to be straight-A students.”

Her reasoning was not so that women do not intimidate their future husbands, but because they “might be limiting your earning and learning potential.”

Rampell talked about studies done that found the likelihood a woman would major in an STEM major decreased as her grade fell. So women who received a B in Econ 101, the class used in her examples, were about 50 percent as likely as women who received A’s to continues with economics as their major.

Rampell said research suggests women may value high grades more than men do, which entices them toward majors where the grading curves are more lenient. Apparently many more women enter college with a STEM major than graduate with a degree in these fields.'

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'For years, the backbone of Labour’s family policy has been to support mothers in their role as parents and to support them into work, in order to lift families out of poverty: a mix of parenting support programmes for mums and childcare. These are vital and always will be, but we have reached the limit of this approach. It is expensive and the money has run out. Jon Cruddas and Labour's Policy Review are looking at expanding this approach by looking for other resources in children’s lives – the social capital that is potentially available to children, such as fathers, grandparents, extended family and community.

Much research has been undertaken that shows the well-being and resilience of children is strongly linked to their stock of social capital: well connected children do better. They are surrounded by constantly available support in order to deal with both immediate difficulties and as they step into the worlds of work and of parenting.'

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'Florida Memorial University student Kameron Moore spent a night in the emergency room after she says at least five girls jumped her in a dorm room.

“They was cheering on the couch. Saying ‘get her! Get her! Get her!” said Moore.

Moore, a freshman, said it started when she returned from spring break.
She complained and a dorm supervisor worked things out between her and her roommate—at least Moore thought they had until Monday night.
“One of the girls, they sent me a text message like come to they room,” Moore said. “And when I went to the room and they open the door and threw something in my face where I couldn’t see. And I tried to wipe my eyes so I could see and one of the girls starting hitting on me.”

Moore says she was launched into a refrigerator, held down, and fists flew. All the while, Moore says someone was filming it all.

“They was like don’t try me. This is what you get when you try someone,” Moore said.

A student told CBS4 off camera the video appeared briefly on Instagram.'

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'“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski is an unapologetic liberal so it should come as no surprise that she would spew liberal talking points on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Ms. Brzezinski has taken it upon herself to repeat the liberal myth that women get paid less than men.
As noted in The Daily Beast, certainly no conservative publication, “The 23-cent gender pay gap is simply the difference between the average earnings of all men and women working full-time. It does not account for differences in occupations, positions, education, job tenure, or hours worked per week. When all these relevant factors are taken into consideration, the wage gap narrows to about five cents.”

The St. Louis Federal Reserve expanded on this point and argued that:

Women are likely to work fewer hours than men, which would make a gap in weekly earnings between the two groups substantial even if their hourly wages are the same. For this reason, most economic studies of a gender gap, including all of the studies reviewed in this article, use hourly wages instead of weekly earnings as a measure. Second, many other factors (such as education and labor force attachment) could affect wages. Research suggests that the actual gender wage gap (when female workers are compared with male workers who have similar characteristics) is much lower than the raw wage gap.'

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'Feminism is a top down social movement controlled by the political class which is exploited to promote cultural marxism, confuse gender roles, denigrate men and mislead women – all while completely ignoring genuine women’s rights issues. Here are ten ways in which true feminism is under attack.
Mainstream feminism serves to deflect attention away from countries where genuine women’s rights abuses and atrocities against women are taking place, by advancing meaningless causes that have nothing to do with women’s rights and everything to do with social engineering. A recent example is the “ban bossy” campaign, which is being funded by some of the largest western banks, oil companies and PR firms on the planet.

While celebrity feminists such as Beyonce were recruited as part of lucrative public relations campaign to ban a word, the Iraqi parliament was preparing to pass a new law that would legalize rape, prohibit women leaving home without the permission of their husband, and legalize marriage for 9-year-old girls. There was no multi-million dollar feminist media blitz to bring light to this desperate situation, nor did Beyonce appear in any PSAs to put pressure on the government of Saudi Arabia over their characterization of female drivers as potential terrorists.

By misdirecting money and attention into causes that only serve to restrict free speech, establishment feminism sidelines real women’s rights issues.
Fearing being labeled racist, politically correct left-wing feminists will rarely if ever campaign against some of the most egregious human rights abuses committed against women in the Muslim world. This again underscores the fact that mainstream feminism is not what it purports to be.

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'Last May, citing the “substantial” rise in suicide among the middle-aged, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention described suicide as “an increasing public health concern.” That realization has begun to spread: in the same month, Newsweek ran a cover article called “The Suicide Epidemic,” noting that, around the world, self-harm takes “more lives than war, murder, and natural disasters combined.” In America, these numbers—which many experts believe are lower than the actual figures, owing to under-reporting—cannot simply be attributed to the toll of a long recession, or increasing gun ownership: clinical depression is also on the rise. Suicide rates declined in the nineteen-nineties, but since 1999 more Americans have killed themselves each year than in the one before.

Alan Berman, the executive director of the American Association of Suicidology and the president of the International Association of Suicide Prevention, has said that in the developed world ninety per cent of those who attempt suicide suffer from psychological ailments. “We have effective treatments for most of these,” Berman said last year. “But the tragedy is, people die from temporary feelings of helplessness—things we can help with.”...
Styron wrote, “Depression’s saving grace (perhaps its only one) is that the illness seems to be self-limiting: Time is the real healer.” If you need someone to talk to, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, at 1-800-273-8255, which will connect you to a counsellor at a nearby crisis center.'

Article published in the National Post and on her personal website. Excerpt:

'In 1999, an exhaustively researched Joint House-Senate committee report, entitled “For the Sake of the Children,” offered recommendations whose spirit is encapsulated in Bill C-560, which will move to second reading in Parliament on March 25.
The present adversarial system for high-conflict cases, whereby one parent (usually the mother) “wins” primary residence for the children, has produced injustice, heartbreak and financial ruin on a massive scale. That the family-law system is in serious need of fundamental reform is not in dispute, with report after report demanding action. The new model would replace the concepts of “custody” and “access” with “parenting responsibilities” and “parenting time” applicable to both parents.

Under the current Divorce Act (1985), judges have paid lip service to vague concepts such as the “best interests” of the child. But many have ignored persuasive evidence showing that the single most important “interest” of children is to continue to love and to be loved by both their parents. Relationships cannot flourish without significant time in each other’s presence.

Opposition to ESP arises mainly from two sources: family-law lawyers who are by far the greatest financial stakeholders in the adversarial system, and ideologues. The lawyers insist that a vague test is best, leaving the matter for endless litigation; and ideologues either claim outright that mothers are indispensable to children’s happiness, fathers inessential; or accuse fathers of demanding ESP merely to reduce their financial obligations (which, in practice, won’t happen).

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'Bill Gates is the most highly anticipated speaker at the TED Talks in Vancouver on Tuesday – but the Microsoft founder's philanthropic work is being protested by “pro-foreskin” activists.

The Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project has criticized a program funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which it said granted more than $160 million for 14 African countries' HIV/AIDS prevention programs encouraging male circumcision.

“Circumcision does not prevent HIV,” group founder Glen Callender said. “Bill Gates means well, there certainly are things he's doing that I fully support, but I do not agree that circumcision is a valid or reasonable approach for 21st-century AIDS prevention.”

He argued circumcision can create scar tissue and remove many sensory nerves in the penis.'

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'A TEENAGE girl who claimed a man dragged her into a toilet at Strathfield railway station and raped her, has been charged with making a false statement to police.

The 17-year-old girl told police an older man she met on the train forced her into the toilet block, where he sexually assaulted her for almost 30-minutes.
Later that day on January 22, a 34-year-old man was arrested and charged with sexual assault. He was refused bail.

But a few days later, police said fresh information was obtained, and the charges against the man were formally withdrawn in court.'

Following an investigation, police yesterday charged the 17-year-old girl with making a false statement.'

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'The woman who faked a campus assault is no longer a student at Lindenwood University.

School officials say 21-year-old Joanna Newberry of Des Peres was dismissed after she made the false claim.

Newberry is facing misdemeanor charges of making a false report.

She told police she was attacked in a library restroom on March 7th, but fought off her attacker and was able to get away.
Five days later, Newberry admitted she made up the story, but didn’t say why.'

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'Irish judges are breaching human rights laws by forcing separated fathers on state benefits to make punishing child-maintenance payments, a parental rights advocacy group has claimed.

A chaotic ‘free-for-all’ in Ireland’s family courts has resulted in many fathers being forced below the poverty line while being denied proper access to their children, according to Eamonn Quinn of the Unmarried and Separated Parents of Ireland.

“The European Court of Human Rights has issued guidelines on what constitutes a minimum standard of living. A separated father on welfare is already at that level, yet an Irish judge will consistently force him to make exorbitant payments to the mother yet rarely, if ever, the other way round where he is the principal carer.

“If the mother has left the family home and is in desertion of the children, she is not made pay the same amount as a man.”'

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'The UC Santa Barbara Police Department has released its official report on the confrontation between Professor Mireille Miller-Young and a group of anti-abortion activists during which Miller-Young stole one of the activists’ signs, tussled with a teen girl trying to get it back, and then destroyed the sign with the help of her students.

In the report, Miller-Young, who is pregnant, said she was “triggered” by the graphic images of aborted fetuses on the large posters and said she felt the demonstrators didn’t have a right to be on the university’s campus, because their messages were upsetting to her and students. When asked by police if there had been a struggle between her and the activists when she took the poster, Miller-Young responded, “I’m stronger, so I was able to take the poster.”
In the report, Miller-Young also stated she’d be willing to pay for the cost of the sign but would “hate it.” She said she was “mainly” responsible for its destruction in her office — which she called a “safe space” — because she was the only one with scissors at the time. Miller-Young admitted to authorities that she probably shouldn’t have taken the poster but said she did the “right thing” because she believed the group was violating university policy and infringing on her rights. She likened her actions to that of a “conscientious objector.”'

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'The story comes to us from rural China: Fengyi township, Yibin county, Sichuan province, about 2,000 miles to the west of Shanghai. Everyday, 40 year old Yu Xukang gets up at 5am. He prepares a lunch for his son to eat at school. Then he helps his son walk to school, about 7km away over a rugged mountain road. His son, Xiao Qiang is 12 years old but he cannot walk to school. He is physically disabled from an unidentified disease: only 90cm tall, with twisted arms and legs and a hunched back. The nearest schools did not have the facilities to accept him. His father explains:
There are no buses, no public transport to make the journey. Thus, Xiao must walk. But Xiao can’t walk. That’s where Dad comes in. Everyday, Yu puts his son into a specially constructed basket and straps him onto his back. Then Dad (only 1.5m tall himself!) carries his son 7 km to school. Then Dad walks 7km back home to work on a farm for the day. And in the afternoon he does the same thing in reverse. 7km walk to pick up his son. 7km walk home with his son on his back. A 28km day! Over the last 6 months he estimates that he has walked more than 2,500 km.

Because of the unidentified disease, the son could not start school until he was 12. Further, his father and mother separated when he was three years old (the reports do not specify in what circumstances). But all of these hardships do not seem to have limited his academic ability according to his proud father:

“My son with his disabilities is not in a position to walk on his own and it also means that he can't ride a bike. Despite being 12 he's just 90 cm tall. But I am proud of the fact that he is already top of his class and I know he will achieve great things. My dream is that he will go to college."'

Print story here, plus Sun News discussion of case here (video).

'Prosecutors are appealing a not guilty verdict in a case of domestic sexual assault after the investigating officer reported that the Ottawa trial judge created an online dating profile to research the alleged victim.

In an affidavit filed in court, Const. Erin Lehman detailed how Ontario Superior Court Justice Timothy Ray allegedly invited her to his private chambers after his ruling on Dec. 18, 2013, to discuss her investigation.

Ray allegedly said he created a profile on, posing as a 25-year-old gay man. He suggested that the defence "would have been able to hang the victim with all the available information," according to the affidavit.

The alleged victim testified behind a screen during the trial, which shielded her from seeing others in the courtroom but allowed others, including the accused, to see her.
At some point Justice Ray stated that he was not sure if he was supposed to be talking to me like this but that his decision had already been made and was heard," Lehman wrote.

Ray found the accused not guilty of sexual assault, forcible confinement and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, but found him guilty of assault. The accused cannot be named in order to protect the identity of the alleged victim.

Lehman reported her conversation to the Crown after leaving the judge's chambers.
"This is a case where very serious issues have been raised; issues that go to the heart of trial fairness," the ruling detailed.

The Court of Appeal ruled that the credibility of the complainant had been an issue at trial.

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'The mother of a 17-year-old Texas boy is demanding criminal charges be brought against a father who fatally shot her son. The incident occurred last week when the father, who hasn't been identified publicly, was alerted by his four-year-old son that there was someone in his 16-year-old daughter's bedroom.

The man grabbed his gun and entered his daughter's bedroom, where an argument ensued and his daughter reportedly denied knowing Johran McCormick. Police said the man shot McCormick in the head, claiming the teen was reaching for something.

Police said the girl later admitted to sneaking McCormick into the house.'

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