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'View Michelle’s complete presentation given at a Utah Membership meeting: Parental Alienation: Understanding It — Strategies to Fight It.

We have wasted years caught in a distraction of controversy about whether or not parental alienation is a syndrome, or whether it exists at all. It is interesting how although there is a large body of research validating its existence, along with thousands of adults who attest to having suffered through it as children, and other parents who are currently traumatized, watching helplessly as their relationships with their children are being destroyed, there is still resistance and ignorance about what parental alienation really is and what to do about it. What is parental alienation? It is a pathological family interaction pattern which unjustifiably requires children to align with one parent against a formerly loved parent, putting the children in a destructive loyalty bind. It is usually within the context of a high conflict divorce that parental alienation occurs. It is a horrific form of child abuse.

“Because it is anti-instinctual to hate and reject a parent, the child must develop an elaborate delusional system consisting of spurious, frivolous, and absurd rationalizations to justify the hatred and rejection. Eventually, the child comes to believe all the absurdity. The double-bind situation of being unable to have, love, and to be loved by both parents can lead to psychosis. Remaining with hatred and anger is not healthy under any circumstances, let alone for a parent.'

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'Link to video:

”Kállay-Saunders will represent Hungary at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen with the song Running”

This Hungarian American schmuck will spread his misandric propaganda, singing ”DADDY, WHY, WHY, WHY?”, all over Europe at the Eurovision Song Contest [link added] in København (Copenhagen) - if he will get the votes to be in the final on Saturday May 10th, 2014. The video features an angry and violent man portraying ”Daddy”.

When idiots buy the popular feminist notion that all men are animals, violators, women beaters, child abusers and child molesters - society is in deep sh*t. Child abuse is a serious violation, commonly perpetrated by women because they win in custody battles, our children are being ”taken care of” by women in the kinder garden and are being taught by female teachers.

But society turns a blind eye, like they always do. It´s much easier to blame men for everything than to address the problem properly and try to find a solution or at least some way of reducing the problem.'

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'Recently, news headlines have been riddled with reports of male students committing suicide at one college or another. Suicide among young males is an ever-growing epidemic, but there is a viable solution. Feminism can theoretically decrease the suicide rates of teenage males.
Feminism strives to abolish gender-based stereotypes. Through a change in the idea of what it is to “be a man,” male teenagers trying to find their identity will not be so discouraged to seek out help and express their emotions to someone. They will not feel so much intense pressure to “be a man” and tough it out on their own.

However, men are not innocent bystanders in this battle against stereotypical masculinity, but act as the very roadblocks preventing a solution. Many men are the primary opponents of feminism, believing that women already possess equal rights both socially and legally. They view feminism as a movement to give women power over men, a fundamentally misguided belief. Though they do not realize it, feminism is not the problem, but the solution. These men are standing in their own way.

Please don’t mistake this article as suggesting that it is only important to discuss feminism when pertaining to its benefits for men. Don’t mistake this as an insinuation that men are woman-haters and consequently the sole cause of their own hardships. Many factors are beyond the control of both men and women. It is simply important to understand how feminism does not only benefit women, but men as well, in order to reduce the stigma surrounding it. Feminism eliminates archaic stereotypes and hence liberates both men and women from the struggles these stereotypes promote. Everyone needs and deserves the right to have a good cry, and no one should be considered any less “manly” or any more “womanly” because of it.'

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'The Former Commons Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans is to launch a campaign to shake-up anonymity rules in sexual assault cases to protect the reputations of celebrities facing false charges against them.

Mr Evans was last week cleared of carrying out a series of attacks, including rape, on young men following a five-week trial at Preston Crown Court.

In his first interview since being acquitted Mr Evans called for a review of anonymity rules that allowed his seven male accusers to keep their identities secret while he has been reduced to personal and financial ruin.

He also said there should be time limits imposed on historical sexual abuse cases and an end to the “bundling” of smaller charges together with more serious allegations to make a stronger case.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Acquitted sex trial Tory Nigel Evans last night told how he could not have survived his court ordeal without the help of his star friends.

The former Commons Deputy Speaker, who was cleared of all charges, admitted he thought of suicide more than once as his world collapsed around him.

But, in a frank and emotional exclusive interview with the Sunday Mirror, he revealed pals like Corrie actor Bill Roache and former Street star Vicky Entwistle pulled him through what he calls “the darkest time of my life”.

And Nigel told how Bill, 81 – also cleared of a string of sex offences earlier this year – sent him a text he will always treasure just hours after his acquittal on Thursday.

It read: “Just heard. Well done. And quite right too. The champagne will flow, xx.”

The 56-year-old MP told of his relief at being cleared of rape, five sexual assaults, one attempted sexual assault and two indecent assaults. And he talked of his excitement at the prospect of returning to Parliament – but ruled out a return to his role as Deputy Speaker.

Nigel admitted: “Without my friends being there for me and giving me hope I would have been a broken man.

“There were very, very dark moments. At times things were bleak and I did think about taking my own life. But then you get the strength from people believing in you and giving you the support you need.'

Story here. Excerpt:

'A sex-crazed Angelina Jolie lookalike forced a cabbie into having sex with her twice - before brutally stabbing him when he couldn't manage a third time.

Luminita Perijoc, 31, reportedly pounced on Nicolae Stan, 35, after he delivered wine to her apartment in Tulcea, eastern Romania, in 2012.

Grabbing him and dragging him inside, she forced him to undress by threatening him with a 4-inch blade.

At knife point, he had intercourse with her and then performed oral sex.

But, when he couldn't perform a third time, she stabbed him six times before he managed to escape, lock himself in a bedroom and call the cops.

Officers arrived and rushed Stan to hospital.

Perijoc, who reportedly styles herself on the "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" star, was arrested and initially tried to claim she was the victim.

But a court found her guilty and handed her a four year suspended sentence - after she claimed she'd been on strong medication at the time of the attack.

Married dad-of-three Stan said that, while Perijoc had been essentially been let off, he had been given a "life sentence" because of the teasing he'd endured.

"It is terrible. I am now a local celebrity, everyone is talking about me," the Mirror reports him as saying.'

Story here. She had claimed she was repeatedly abused by previous boyfriends while witnesses claimed she became abusive when drinking. Our laws are designed to protect women from violence, which means we often protect women who commit violence. That might be the case here. So, too, the boyfriend didn't fight back; perhaps he'd learned that there's never a reason to hit a woman. At any rate, the jury didn't buy her story and neither did the prosecutors. Excerpt:

'A Houston woman was sentenced to life in prison Friday for fatally stabbing her boyfriend with the 5 1/2-inch stiletto heel of her shoe, striking him at least 25 times in the face and head.

Ana Trujillo was convicted of murder Tuesday by the same jury for killing 59-year-old Alf Stefan Andersson during an argument last June at his Houston condominium. Defense attorneys argued that Trujillo, 45, was defending herself from an attack by Andersson, who was a University of Houston professor and researcher.
During closing arguments in the trial's punishment phase, prosecutor John Jordan asked jurors for the maximum sentence: life in prison. Jordan said Trujillo not only violently killed Andersson but tried to ruin his character during the trial by falsely claiming he had abused her.

"Send the message that in our community, when you beat a man to death for no reason, when you come into a courtroom and you slaughter his good name ... that we in Texas are going to hold you accountable," Jordan said.
"The fact she took a stiletto to his face 25 times and then paraded around town like she's the victim, that's insulting," prosecutor Sarah Mickelson said during closing arguments.

Trujillo also testified she had been repeatedly abused by men and sexually assaulted and that Andersson was a heavy drinker who would get angry with her.

Article here. Excerpt:

'The potential for reversal of traditional male-female roles is enormous, and unexpected.

That was the message on gender roles from activist and author Warren Farrell, who spoke to Princeton University students at the American Whig-Cliosophic Society, a literary and debating club, on campus Thursday night. Farrell, considered to be one of the most important male feminists in recent history, suggested that while much progress has been made on the women’s side of the role reversal, less has been done to expand options for men, and men have suffered for it.

“No one has created a sense of purpose for men who are not academically oriented, or career-minded,” Farrell said.

Farrell suggested that an increased focus on fatherhood can fill this void, but that such a focus has to this point been neglected by movements for gender equality.
According to Farrell, increased regard for fatherhood as the focus of a man’s life has benefits for men, but also for their children, and especially their sons.

He described differences he has observed in typical parenting styles and the benefits of the presence of a father’s style.

“Guys who take care of children full time, those children do extremely well,” said Farrell.

Farrell considers this change in ideas surrounding male purpose and fatherhood important right now, suggesting that there is a “boy crisis” occurring.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'The campaign against everyday sexism has shown that a deeply unpleasant vein of misogyny still runs through our society. But in highlighting the antisocial, misguided behaviour of some unreconstructed individuals, it is important to be aware that such behaviour is not representative of most men's attitudes. More worryingly, from the perspective of a progressive sexual politics there is a danger that the campaign is promulgating a view that any direct sexual advance is tantamount to harassment. If directly propositioning somebody for sex is automatically condemned as misogynist, as the campaign appears to assert, then the movement risks being highly counterproductive to the feminist cause and playing into the hands of the sexually repressive, patriarchal ideology that feminism strives to counter.

Most of the behaviour reported to Laura Bates's Everyday Sexism project does indeed sound reprehensible, but by lumping together sexual assaults and genuinely threatening behaviour with casual propositions, the campaign risks conflating deplorable and even criminal acts with sexually liberated expression. More to the point, there is a risk of comparing offensive and clumsy sexual remarks with respectful, courteous sexual advances.

Link here. Excerpt:

'A bogus nurse who carried out a circumcision on a baby boy and almost killed him has been jailed.

Taiwo Shittu, 55, of Atwood House, Dulwich, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm in relation to the incident which took place on November 23 last year.

Woolwich Crown Court heard the parents of the two month old boy arranged for Shittu, who they named as Ms Alhaja, to perform the procedure at their home in Plumstead and paid her £100.

But the baby boy was brought into the A&E department of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich by his parents concerned with the amount of blood he was losing.

Doctors examined the child and deemed his condition to be life threatening.
An investigation was launched shortly afterwards by specialist detective from the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command launched an investigation.
She was sentenced to 30 weeks imprisonment.
"This was a medical procedure which, like any other, carries a risk. She failed to properly manage it and because of this caused the baby a serious and permanent injury."'

Article here. [Warning: Graphics/text on page NSFW in most typical environments.] Excerpt:

'Northwestern University is sponsoring an event for female students who are “having trouble masturbating.”

“Vulvas too confusing? Having trouble masturbating? Wanna please your consenting female-bodied friend?” asks the “Cum*tactics” event description posted on a college website.

The workshop will be taught by Early2Bed, a “feminist sex shop” in Chicago.

It is not clear why Northwestern was concerned about the ability of its female students to masturbate.

The event is part of Northwestern’s Sex Week, which will also feature events on BDSM and a screening of “Unhung Hero,” a film about a man “born with a micropenis ... on a fact-finding mission … as he confronts the stigma of having a small dick.”'

Article here. Excerpt:

'ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) – After taking on sexual assault cases in the military, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is launching a new effort to fight sexual assaults on college campuses.

Gillibrand and Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri released a joint bipartisan letter Friday to the leadership of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services and Education, asking for money to investigate and enforce sexual assault laws at colleges and universities.
“America’s colleges and universities are the best in the world. But it is simply unacceptable that they become havens for rape and sexual assault,” said Gillibrand. “It is time to take this crisis head on and end the scourge of sexual assault on our college campuses, hold offenders accountable, and keep our students safe.”'

Article here. Excerpt:

'"First there was abortion-on-demand, then there was the supposed wage gap, then birth control without a co-pay, then the word “bossy” and now? Dry-cleaning bills.

Expect the cost of dry cleaning to be the next feminist outrage, President Obama said so in his Equal Pay Day remarks Tuesday.

“We’ll talk about dry cleaners next, right,” Obama said. “Because I know that – I don’t know why it costs more for Michelle’s blouse than my shirt.”

Expect equal dry-cleaning costs to be the next “right” that women deserve. Forget that it's more difficult to dry clean women's blouses - they usually use more delicate fabric and patterns - women deserve equal pricing!"
Because paying more for dry cleaning is oppression.'

Article here. Excerpt:

'The director of public prosecutions has defended the decision to bring sex assault and rape charges against Tory MP Nigel Evans by saying it would do the same again, despite a warning from its former director Lord Macdonald that it must not "lose perspective" over high-profile cases involving historic allegations.

The CPS is under pressure after a string of unsuccessful cases involving sexual assault and rape allegations against public figures, including Evans, Bill Roache and Michael Le Vell.
The Tory MP for Ribble Valley was found not guilty of all nine counts on Thursday following a five-week trial at Preston crown court, where he was accused of abusing his power to attack young Commons workers between 2003 and March last year.

However, Alison Saunders, the CPS director of public prosecutions, said there had been enough evidence against Evans to bring it before a court for a jury to decide.
Former prisons minister Blunt also demanded a fresh look at whether defendants in sexual offence cases should be given anonymity up to the point of charge, although sources close to Chris Grayling, the justice secretary, said there were no plans to legislate on this issue.

Blunt told Sky News: "There are no winners in this process, only victims; and that's why I do think the CPS should examine their procedures and the way this prosecution was conducted because the whole process hasn't helped anybody and the verdict has not come as the slightest surprise to me."

Asked if he believed the CPS had been over-zealous, he replied: "Yes, I'm afraid I do. If you look at how the case was constructed against Nigel, a lot of the complainants, well, they weren't complainants, they did not regard themselves as victims and they didn't actually want to be in court. So, this, to a degree, was quite an artificial prosecution."

Article here. Excerpt:

'There’s been a lot of talk about “rape culture” on university campuses lately, but a group of protestors recently booed and silenced an “anti-feminist” University of Ottawa professor who wanted to talk about the issue.

Janice Fiamengo, who teaches in the English literature department, tried to give a public lecture on men’s issues, equality and rape culture at the university on March 28. But as shown in an hourlong Youtube video, she was repeatedly interrupted by a group of about 30 students shouting and blasting horns.

Representatives from the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), which organized the talk, tried to quell the crowd, but they eventually called security. The talk was moved to another room, but somebody pulled the fire alarm, which effectively shut it down.

Fiamengo, a self-proclaimed radical feminist-turned-anti-feminist, said she advocates for equality.

“Feminism is now seen as a kind of proxy for women, so to question any tenets of feminism is seen as attacking women,” she said. “I think it’s become a totalitarian ideology that isn’t really interested in equality at all.”'

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