Now Boys Have To Sit To Urinate?

This may be taking equality of the sexes a bit too far.

In a school in Norway boys are told they will have to sit on the toilet to urinate. The rationale by the female principal is that the boys aim is not always so good when they stand and it wets the toilet seat for the next girl who might use it. This school doesn't have separate restrooms for boys and girls and I guess wall mounted urinals would be obvious sexism.

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Check out this website: ..."Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up"

Excerpt from this website:

MYTH #1: "Men can pee standing up"

Fact: The reality is men can NOT pee standing up without getting as much as a stray drop on the seat or the outside surface of the toilet. Fragmentation of the urine stream causes particles of urine to dissipate. The larger the distance urine has to travel, the bigger the dissipation radius gets.
Some of you may say, "No, not me! I can pee through a donut from 40 feet above!" Well, mister hand-eye coordination, you are probably one of those people who also never ask for directions. Admitting that you have a problem is half the battle. At some point in your life you need to ask yourself, "Is it worth it? What has peeing standing up cost me in my life?"

Have you ever read anything more absurd? This women is enraged by the notion of a man standing while urinating. If I had their address, i would Fed-Ex them a box containing my urine infected toilet seat.


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Sorry, I see no problems with it. Yeah, they should have seperate bathrooms, or at least a urinal in the same sex bathroom. But, I was taught, BY MY FATHER, to urinate by sitting on the toilet because he and my mother got tired of cleaning up the messes my brother and I would make.

I think there is nothing more disgusting than having to sit on a public toilet where some guy has peed all over the seat because he was too lazy to lift the lid and I can't hold my poop any more. If there's no options left, they SHOULD be made to sit down, because frankly, it's vile to have to sit in pee.

I'm ready for the yelling, but I plan to teach my son to pee sitting down as well, because I don't want to have to clean up the mess. I now pee standing up, but I still gag at the mess I leave. I see nothing wrong with this plan, save for the no urinals part of it. I do see nit-picking at this issue, and the complaint of this issue sounds like feminazis who cry at the littlest thing.

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