Dead Broke Dad Starts Non-violent Protest

Here is a story about a "deadbroke dad" John Murtari who decided to stop cooporating with the system that enslaved him.

July 31, 2006 - UPDATE - John began his six month jail sentence today, at the Jamesville Correctional Facility near Syracuse. He reported to the Jail at 4 PM, and as planned, refused to cooperate with staff once he identified himself. He took a seat in the lobby. He refused to answer processing questions and politely explained that he was not going to cooperate. John stayed sitting in a chair until two officers placed him into custody and dragged him out of the room.


John Murtari, P.O. Box 143, Jamesville, NY 13078

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It is true, you know. There is a strong entropic, destructive, brutalizing, oppresvie basic element to society that is entrenched in our civilization’s system–that goes all the way back to the ancient Mesopotamia– that ensures there will always, always, be some group who are targeted–who are debased and slathered with the smear of varying justifications from the Power Block and its strawmen/women--for oppression. But saying that this is sad, or rather, morbidly abjectly depressing, is not enough; such a response would be totally inadequate; the response needs to be more aggressive. The system will only take fuller advantage of depressed people, people who are “broken in”. Today the societal system’s explicit target can’t be blacks or any other minority, it can certainly no longer be women, it can’t even be gays anymore, but the necessary target–the one that helps uphold the Power Block’s economic, political, and social structures–is men (ethnic minority men are targeted too, but the system is sure to make it “clear”, disingenuously, that it is not due to their skin colour, but due to their gonad, even though it is sometimes expedient for the system to utilize, if they can, again disingenuously, whatever weakness they can find that is endemic to their ethnicity or social condition, let’s not be so fooled as to believe otherwise). Indeed, we all would have almost none of the various technologies (and by that word, I mean it in the strict sociological denotation of any part of nature manipulated in any way to serve humanity) we are dependent upon today if not for the backs to be bruised and broken of the slaves–the majority of people throughout history– to make these possible. It was absolutely correct for this brave man, Mr.Murtari, to cite the conditions of the past and its justifications for previous atrocities such as slavery, nazism, and so on as as a parallel to the atrocious conditions faced by new groups of the present. You can bet it’s going to have to be nasty to finally secure the full parental and civil rights of fathers, and retain and gain the societal and civil rights of men in general for that matter, which I think will be very interesting to see.

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August 3, 2006 - UPDATE - John has been moved to the Syracuse City Jail. His address is:

John Murtari
POD 2A-5
555 South State Street
Syracuse, NY 13202.


It is so important that the authorities know the public supports John's protest.

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"...which I think will be very interesting to see."

I truly hope that enough people can see the light and realize that the current ways of thinking and doing things are wrong within our lifetimes that we will in fact be alive to see the changes.

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