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News Submission Guidelines for The Men's Activism News Network

Below are some guidelines we ask readers to follow when submitting news stories to By making use of these suggestions, it saves us an immense amount of time and helps improve the likelihood of having your submission posted to

Should I submit it by e-mail or through your submissions page?

Please, use the submissions page when possible. It helps us out a great deal. The only time it might be better to submit something by e-mail is if you are submitting an original essay in a non-text format (ie, an MS Word file). E-mail submissions almost always get lower priority than web submissions. Make sure the submission is related to men's issues.

We are a web site dedicated to tracking news and promoting activism on men's issues. If your submission is not directly related to men's issues, it will probably be declined. Although we sometimes post articles which are critical of feminism, that is not our primary purpose. Our primary purpose is to focus on men, so please submit stories with this in mind. Taking a moment to review our Philosophy page will also help to ensure that your submission is in line with our purpose. **You must include a web link for the story.**

Unless you're submitting an editorial you wrote and own the copyright on, please don't just copy and paste a news story to us. Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot repost material that originally appeared on other web sites. We can, however, post links to stories and summaries of them. So please be sure to include the web link to the article. Don't just include the web link for the story.

What makes unique is that it is a community of pro-male activists, and we try to integrate the views and opinions of readers into this site's content. When you just send us a link, it defeats the purpose of having a user-run community. So please, include your own take on the story and how you feel it's important for readers. That said, there are a couple of things we request about your story summaries....

Story summary guidelines

Due to space constraints on our main page, we ask readers to keep their news story summaries to 80 words or less. This usually amounts to 3-5 sentences. Likewise, don't be too brief - with one sentence summaries, the admins often have to add more info to clearly summarize the story.

Also, please use a reasonable tone of voice when writing the summary. There are many reasons to be upset or angry about events in the news which degrade or attack men, but frequent exaggeration or anger can do more to harm our cause than to help it. Pointing out the bias or double standard and leaving it at that is often best, but use your own judgment and keep this request in mind. When the story is posted, you will be free to make further comments on it, so try saving more controversial remarks until then.

Note that we reserve the right to edit all submissions for content, length, grammar, or style. Submissions can take 1-3 days to appear on the site. is administered by volunteers - none of us do this as our day job. So, please don't expect your submission to be posted immediately. However, following the above guidelines will maximize the speed with which we can post it.

Why did my submission get rejected? cannot post every submission it receives, due to many reasons. Please do not take it personally if we decline your submission. If you followed all of the above guidelines, the only reason why your post would be rejected would be if we simply had too many other submissions that were equally or more relevant to the readership. We feel our readers don't want to be given information overload with dozens of posts each day, so we are selective and try to choose the 4-6 most relevant submissions of the day to post. If you have further questions, please send us an e-mail at

Thank you for reading this page!


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