Why are men's sperm rates falling?

Article here. Some good info if you can read around the BS. The author actually suggests "girl power" as a possible cause. Ridiculous. And I doubt anyone regardless of sex would be tossing in humor if the topic was women having issues with "low egg count" or premature entry into menopause. Excerpt:

'Men's sperm production is decreasing rapidly and the scientific community is struggling to find an explanation, writes Dr Phil Hammond

Up to a fifth of young men have a low sperm count, defined as fewer than 20 million sperm per millilitre of semen. Quite why you need so many sperm to fertilize one egg remains a mystery, but a low sperm count or poor sperm quality is the main cause of infertility in about 20pc of couples with fertility problems in the UK, and is an ‘additional factor’ in a further 25pc of cases. So what’s going on?

The much publicised decline of man has been on the cards since 1992, when seminal Danish research found that the number of sperm in each millilitre of semen has halved since the World War Two, while abnormal sperm (double-headers, big-headers, double-tailers and slow-coaches) is on the rise. ...
There does at least appear to be some circumstantial evidence to support what's known as 'the oestrogen hypothesis'. This holds that some of the 5,000 or so chemicals that inhabit our food, fertilizers and industrial cleaners are not dissimilar to the female sex hormone oestrogen - only they hang round a lot longer and at levels up to a thousand times higher than normal. This may have adverse effects on oestrogen-sensitive areas of the body (the reproductive tracts, breast, womb and possibly the developing foetus), which may possibly contribute to infertility and testicular cancer in men, breast and womb cancer in women and fetal abnormalities.'


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I have often wondered if

I have often wondered if putting breast feeding new mothers on chemical birth control before they leave the hospital after giving birth to baby boys might also contribute to this problem. They say chemical birth control, which is female hormones, is safe for nursing mothers and their newborns, and they really push for new mothers to get the shot or pill before leaving. I'm not so sure it is as safe as they say it is, especially since they know everything a mother takes in ends up in her breast milk. This means we are feeding baby boys estrogen hormones immediately after birth and typically for a whole year.

Avocados, grapes, walnuts and science fiction

Three years ago, I was 230 lbs, 42 inch waist and needed viagra.

Then I began to work out. And my diet changed. I stopped all food that inhibited testosterone: no soy, alcohol, fat, etc. I began bodybuilding and runnnig. I started to eat only foods that promoted testosterone production. Every day I eat one avocado, a bunch of grapes and a bag of walnuts for lunch.

Today: 184 lbs, 33 inch waist and all muscle. And I ditched the viagra.

I did this at the age of 52, so it is possible.

Oh, and that science fiction. I would like to write one day...

I keep thinking of writing one in which the powers that be realize the only threat to themselves is men. So they infuse the food supply with soy (which destroys testosterone production in men). This weakens the men so there can be no revolution. They promote sperm banks so women can at least have children workers to keep the system going for the rich. (What happened in the Ukraine? Yes, a revolution, 100 dead people, all men, and Pussy Riot and Femen, nowhere to be found during the shooting. If you want a revolution, you need men. If you want to forestall the revolution, drug the men and stop educating them.) And to entertain people, I would promote realistic movies in which revolutions were only lead by women: Hunger Games, Frozen, Divergent, Gravity. Meanwhile, I would delude men into thinking they were heroes by promoting non-realistic movies like Superheroes to excess... hmm... interesting? Nah... sounds too crazy. Would never happen.