Gallup: Being female is Hillary Clinton's most appealing qualification

Article here. Excerpt:

'Americans say the best or most positive thing about a possible Hillary Clinton presidency -- if she were to run and be elected in 2016 -- would be her serving as the first female president in the nation's history. Other positives mentioned by at least 5% of Americans are her experience, that she would bring about change from the previous two administrations, that she would adhere to a Democratic agenda, and that she would be the best choice.
These results are from a Gallup survey conducted March 15-16, which asked a nationally representative sample of Americans to say what would be the best and the worst things about a possible Clinton presidency, if she were to be elected in 2016.

A little less than half of Americans did not give a substantive answer in response to the positive question, and about the same percentage didn't give a substantive answer to the negative question. This is in large part because the majority of Republicans have no specific thoughts about the best thing about a Clinton presidency, and a majority of Democrats do not have specific responses to the question about the worst aspects of a Clinton presidency.'


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In a demecracy, the people have no one to blame...

... but themselves. They get the leaders they deserve b/c they vote them into power. That simple. So if collectively they want to put person X into power because of their skin color, gender, eye color, height, preference for seafood over pasta, or anything else, well, they can make their decision based on that. But if they get lousy leadership after making their decision based on utterly irrelevant factors like these, they have only themselves to blame.

Notice though that at the bottom of the Gallup results there is a section: "Don't Know/Other". It is in fact that section that contains the highest numbers from the poll. "Nothing" is 27% and "No opinion" is 22%. So really, the most common response to the poll question of "... what would be the best or most positive thing about a Hillary Clinton presidency?" is in fact "Nothing". So this article is really misrepresenting the poll results. According to the poll respondents, nothing would be "most positive" about a Hillary Clinton presidency. I agree. I have no doubt she is wholly incapable of doing the job (as is 99+% of the US population), much less resisting the temptation to use the office to implement novel ways to utterly shaft the male gender at home and abroad as well as to incite further anti-male bigotry, propagate false statistics and implement persecutory/discriminatory policies against men.

Thankfully though, she probably won't run. Or if she does, it'll be to win, then she'll probably resign and hand the office over to her VP (VAWA Joe?) with whom after her resignation she'll work to pursue her biggest pet projects around persecuting males. Thus she'll reach her life's goal and get the place in "herstory" she wants but will avoid needing to do all 4-8 years in office. I've speculated she suffers from some kind of illness and this will not permit her to be POTUS for the full 4-year term. After the rigors of the campaign trail, even one year might be too much.

All I can say to anyone planning to vote Democrat in 2016 is, if Hillary's running for prez, make sure you're 110% happy w/ the idea of whoever's her running mate assuming the presidency, b/c that'd be in the cards.