Prisoner's sister seeks signatures for petition to allow him to see dying daughter

Petition here. Excerpt:

'My name is Jasmin Iglesia, sister of inmate #18498280 Junior Manuel Iglesias located at Wilaccy County Texas, Facility #278580, 1800 Industrial Drive, Raymondville, TX 78580. I launched this campaign on the behalf of my two nieces who need their dad during this family emergency. My brother Junior Manuel Iglesias has been held in Texas for over 5 years, 1,938 miles away from his daughters and family. He has yet to receive any visitation due to the distance and his families struggle because of their separation.

On Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 at approximately 9am his youngest daughter Yasmelin Iglesias, 16, was hit and ran over by a speeding van. Yasmelin received severe and critical injuries to her liver, brain, and lungs. She is now in ICU at a Nassau County hospital in New York. Every day since then has been a fighting struggle for her to stay with us, our prayers are the only thing we have to hold us up. Her father Junior, is in extreme emotional disbelief and pain, all he wants is the chance to hold is daughter's hand at this time.

Our family has tried to contact Willacy County Correctional Institution but have yet to make progress in moving forward with his Emergency Furlough. We ask that you help us approve his application and allow him to see his daughter during this fragile time. ...

My niece Yasmelin is unresponsive, but we feel as if her dad was to whisper in her ear she will come home to us. Their connection and love for one another is one that few have ever seen. We ask that you find it in your hearts to allow a father and a daughter to be together for what might be the final time.'