'Women Make Better Doctors Than Men'

Article here. Excerpt:

'At least that’s what a recent study of diabetic patients found. But the boys shouldn’t pack up their doctor kits yet.

In a new report released by the University of Montreal, investigators found that women outperformed men on certain metrics of patient care.
“Women had significantly higher scores in terms of compliance with practice guidelines,” said Martel in a statement that accompanied the release of the study. “They were more likely than men to prescribe recommended medications and to plan required examinations.”

Why? It’s possible the female doctors were simply more willing to devote more time to their patients The men tended to cycle their patients though quickly—as evidenced by fact that the male doctors performed, on average, 1,000 more basic treatment procedures per year than the women. But that seeming efficiency may be self-defeating: the investigators worry that the quicker the turnover in any one doctor’s office, the likelier a patient is to return to have questions answered or treatment details explained that weren’t addressed in the initial appointment.'


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Ahh, "Time"...

You can count on them to gender-bait openly and always in a "pro-woman" fashion. If a study was done showing men were "better" at anything not involving dangerous, dirty, or low-wage work, Time would be second only after the WaPo to run it (i.e., never).

I remember a story Time ran over 20 years ago about how "women made better cops", too. Remember: women *always* make better ________s, just as long as the blank is filled with an occupation that carries authority, prestige, and/or provides a clean and pleasant environment. And ideally, also compensates well.

Haha. Notice that one of the

Haha. Notice that one of the observations was that male doctors do about 1000 more office visits per year compared to female doctors. Instead of concluding that the male doctors work harder or do more, they turn it into a negative by saying the male doctors must not spend as much time with their patients.

Not enough information is given for me to make a judgment on how accurate the conclusions are (I would like to know how they obtained their data?) but my guess is that it is subjective.

Another possible factor, is that men tend to go into private practice and women tend to go for government employment and social services. If a male doctor is working for himself and seeing a patient on private insurance and paying out of pocket expenses, the care if often quite different. People who pay tend to make different choices compared to people that get everything for "free".

A female doctor on salary for a community health center where patients are on welfare (don't pay for anything themselves) can order up every test they feel like. There is no oversite to the spending.

But women would make better doctors - they have more compassion

OK, I can accept that. Maybe women are more compassionate. But in the future, once nurses can prescribe medicine and have access to computer based medical data libraries and remote diagnostic tools, we won't need doctors. Just nurses with compassion. Men, after all, are more brutal.

Maybe that is why men make better eye surgeons, brain surgeons, thoracic surgones, orthopedic surgeons, neo-natal surgeons?

Oh! I'm sorry. I hope I did not offend anyone with that. It would certainly be sexist to say one gender is better at something, right? (I mean, that would be as bad as me saying that if we want to raise the US math scores to be on equal footing with the world, we should just stop letting the women take the math SAT.)