Documentary: Does gold-digging impair women's joke-making ability?

Tom Martin, who sparked a huge debate in 2012 by suing the London School of Economics for sexist anti-male teachings in its gender studies curriculum, has now turned his attention to documentary film-making, posting an advert calling for a range of paid researchers, presenters and crew, for a potentially controversial documentary to begin shooting in London this August, called "Laughing with Women" - involving a street experiment to investigate if gold-digging impairs women's joke-making abilities.

The job posting has already caught the attention of a comedy circuit website, criticizing the documentary's premise, well known atheist feminist blogger PZ Myers, also criticizing the project (the comments section is worth a read),
a slew of tweets, nearly all of them criticizing the project, and now, a youtube video... criticizing the project.

You can follow the progress of "Laughing with Women" by subscribing to the sexismbusters channel on youtube and twitter.