The Risks of Failing to Make Court-Ordered Child Support Payments

Article here. For "parents", read "fathers". Not saying "Don't have kids." Just saying: "Think hard about this decision. Real hard." Excerpt:

'Child support payments are often one of the more contested aspects of divorce proceedings, and parents can face severe penalties for failing to make court-ordered payments as scheduled.
Some of the most common penalties for nonpayment of child support include the following:

  • Warrant issued for arrest, which may be criminal or civil
  • Finding of contempt of court
  • Fines, jail, or both
  • Garnishment of wages, including unemployment and worker’s compensation
  • Denial of tax refunds
  • Exclusion from receipt of certain government benefits
  • Revocation of passport
  • Suspension, revocation or denial of various licenses—professional, driver’s, hunting/fishing/boating
  • Having a lien placed on property to cover payment


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And they give mothers welfare

If the non-custodial parent--85% of the time dad--doesn't make child support payments, this is what happens to him.

If the custodial parent--85% of the time mom--doesn't support her children, we give her welfare.

Shouldn't the penalties or rewards be the same for both parents. Wait, I'm sorry, that would resemble fair and equal treatment of the sexes, which is outlawed under our system of government. We can give women "fair and equal" treatment but we can't give both men and women fair and equal treatment without violating some amendment.

I'm sounding downright cynical, aren't I?

just more legal system witch-hunting of males

Unfair child custody and child support, and misandrist enforcement are just more ways that men are witch-hunted through the "legal" systems of western governments and false accusations are a primary tool used to disadvantage men even further as shown in Witch-Hunting Males at Youtube.

FYI, it is not as cut and dry

FYI, it is not as cut and dry and it seems. I do not receive my court ordered child support from my ex, and I have tried to access some of these services, with no luck. They are really only for welfare recipients and there has to be some proof that money is there to be collected before and state agency will act, because they do not want to spend resources pursuing collections if there is nothing there. That part makes sense, but if a parent truly has no money, there would be no reason for them to travel, afford sport hobbies like hunting and boating etc. and there is an exception for the passport if the parent travels for work. They also want there to be an element of long-term avoiding responsibility, not a financial hardship like temporarily out of work.

So I filed with my state child support collection agency after my ex had not paid for several months. I am pretty used to it, but this month I was mad because on facebook his girlfriend mentions they go out every night and are getting ready for their vacation (bad idea to have a public facebook account). I thought blocking his passport might force him to pay. I also found out they dont block existing passports, they just block applications for first time passports or renewals.

anyway, I was told that since my children don't receive any public assistance, it could take up to a year before my case is even reviewed, another obstacle is that my ex receives income from a retirement account, which I do not know the name of and I was told they don't spend any time on stuff like that because that type of income is too difficult to track down and ungarnishable. I sent the paperwork in anyway (extensive and intrusive paperwork, I might add, as I even had to include my children's medical records, which I don't like to disclose, and financial records for me and my husband). After all that I received a notice that my case was closed because my kids were not in any danger or hardship.

I agree it is unfair of mothers getting custody and welfare compared with dads getting threats of child support or jail. From what I understand about 23% of single mothers get some sort of welfare, so it is not the majority. However, I am in support of a system that is father friendly and gender equal when it comes to granting custody and welfare.