We Went To a Men's Rights Lecture In Toronto (And Discovered That They're a Bunch of Losers)

Article here. Excerpt:

'In November of last year the University of Toronto hosted a lecture by Dr. Warren Farrell, a divisive figure who has been described simultaneously as a sage of the men’s movement and a rape apologist. On the night of the lecture a group of students barred the doors of the lecture hall in protest while chanting, “No hate speech on campus.” Police were called, the situation was brought under control, and the lecture went on as scheduled. Another lecture took place in March of this year, this time an overly critical look at feminist studies by Janice Fiamengo in which she described the discipline as “intellectually incoherent and dishonest.” Again, protesters were on hand waving placards and this time a fire alarm was pulled but, once more, the event went on as scheduled. These controversial lectures were organized by a student group called the Canadian Association for Equality or CAFE for short. CAFE has come under fire from student groups and media who not only disagree with their actions and ideology, but have associated them with the extreme, vitriolic American men’s rights website A Voice For Men. Where AVFM is upfront and open about its hatred for feminism and -ists, calling them “rape farmers,” CAFE takes aim at feminism with misleading information and careful rhetoric, barely ever using the word “feminist” itself.

When I walked into the lecture I was under the impression that we in the media should not give attention to CAFE, AVFM, and men’s rights activists or their ideas—since they’re really dumb. However, actually going to one of their lectures, I saw the growing presence of CAFE as a real problem in Toronto, and the rest of Canada, that needs addressing. We should be able to openly discuss aggression in men, male sexuality, cultural expectations, justice issues, et al., but groups like AVFM, CAFE, and the speakers they schedule serve only to promote antifeminist ideas and hatred of women at a time when rape and sexual abuse against women is a pervasive, cultural problem that requires immediate addressing.'