Judge orders $1 a month in child support for the next 1000+ years

Story here. Excerpt:

'A Colonial Heights man will no longer have to pay child support for a child that biologically isn't his and the judge worked out a unique deal for the $23,000 in back child support he currently owes.

Dwayne Parsons is off the hook for a child DNA tests show he didn't father. However, since Parsons signed the birth certificate, the judge is holding Parsons responsible for the promise he made 13 years ago.

In court, the judge explained that there are "certain aspects of the law that seems grossly unfair."

"Unfortunately the law is the law, my message to everybody is if you're unsure, about you being the father of the child, do not sign that birth certificate - that's a well lesson learned," said Parsons.'


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'the law

is the law'?

yeah, right. unless you are a woman. i guess the fraud committed against this
man doesn't count, eh? i was taught that once fraud has been found out,
like say getting a child to sign legal papers, then everything reverts back to day one, before it all happened. no, what this so called judge is doing is preserving the status quo for women to keep getting away with their fraud.
problem is, once you start down the wrong road as our 'justice' system has done, things eventually fall apart in very obvious ways, as in this case.