Utah lawmakers support idea of finding fault when determining alimony

Article here. Excerpt:

'SALT LAKE CITY — State lawmakers edged closer Thursday to making Utah a state where fault is considered in setting alimony following a divorce.

"The court struggles with how much commentary to allow or not allow in these cases," Rep. Kay McIff, R-Richfield, told the House Judiciary Committee regarding his bill, HB338.

The committee voted to support the bill, which would amend state law to allow a court to consider fault when awarding alimony. It now heads to the full body of the House for further consideration.'


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so the mormons

see the error of their ways in awarding alimony based solely on gender, and now want to use it to punish the sinners.

how about just using some common sense and doing away with all the scams against men in courtrooms? tough one that when women expect to be treated as special.

btw, you won't find that mangina spirit in the "BOM".