UNC responds to sexual assault allegations

Story here. Excerpt:

'The University of North Carolina has formally responded to allegations that an honor code violation was brought against a student as a form of retaliation for her speaking out about an alleged rape.
The university released its own statement after several media outlets (including Yahoo! News) reported that Landen Gambill—a sophomore who last spring reported being raped by a student she says is still on the school's Chapel Hill campus—was recently notified of the charge by the UNC Honor Court.

If found guilty, Gambill faces a range of sanctions, including probation, suspension or even expulsion.'


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It's possible to write so many words and say nothing really abt the topic but that's usually found in some kind of corporate press release or gov't report abt something controversal. Guess we're seeing that here.

Just what the hell is going on here? Is she in trouble for leveling a false accusation? Why are the third parties who are getting involved presuming she hasn't done anything wrong, which is to say (presumably) that whatever male student was accused had committed some kind of sexual assault?