Absentee Fathers and the Newtown School Shooting

Article here. Excerpt:

'Though both sides in this dispute have something sensible to say, they’ve missed an elephant in the room either because of willful blindness to anything politically incorrect or because of a lack of real-world experience. I speak of the problems associated with divorce, family breakup, father absence, and the enormous burdens placed on a single mom who must rear a troubled male child alone.

Adam Lanza was not normal. He suffered from morbid shyness and an inability to connect with his student peers and anyone else—a cold, withdrawn, hollow shell of a person to his classmates, an Asperger's patient to professional psychologists. Even under the best of circumstances—with a loving, caring, two-parent family consisting of a husband and wife who complemented each other’s strengths and worked together as a team—raising someone like Adam Lanza would be a real challenge.
In his book Fatherless America, David Blankenhorn writes that “across societies, married fatherhood is the single most reliable, and relied upon, prescription for socializing males. As marriage weakens, more and more men become isolated and estranged from their children and from the mother of their children. One result, in turn, is the spread of male violence.” Though we can’t ignore the other contributing factors to the Lanza massacre, this simple truth must be acknowledged in any honest assessment of the Newtown tragedy.'


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"Weakened marriage"

Well it's 2 things: feminism and feminist and/or nymphotropic judges riding roughshod all over men/fathers. It's that simple.

Push side: Indoctrinate kids w/ feminism
Pull side: Indoctrinate courts w/ feminist jurisprudence that encourages them to view divorce as, essentially, a payday for the wife. And keep up the nymphotropism around child custody/support/alimony for good measure.

And that's all it takes. But you know, think about it: Even if we didn't have this feminist nightmare going on, would marriage for most men really make a lot of sense? Really, even if we never had modern feminism, if Eliz. Cady Stanton and Susan B. were where it ended, would it make sense for the avg. man these days to get married? Really, I can't see why.

Schizophrenic on marriage

I remain schizophrenic on marriage.

On the one hand, given today's divorce laws, no man should get married.

On the other, marriage is the best solution for many of today's problems. Marriage needs to be made a good deal for men, not a mistake that lasts a lifetime.