Men should stand on the bus - for women, of course

This opinion piece is more of the same, really - a man whining that he feels guilty if he doesn't stand and offer his place to a woman on the bus. Excerpt:

'A gaggle of people are standing near the middle doors, and there are others standing in the passage. From my vantage, the closest person to me is a woman of about 30 to 35, in a smart work suit and wearing heels. She is texting someone.

I figure the shoes aren't too comfortable and wonder whether I should offer her my seat.

The same thought has apparently not occurred to my fellow males. They are lost in their laptops, phones and suchlike.

If this woman was nearer, I'd offer her my spot, but she is five rows away and I feel absurd beckoning her to my spot.'

Some interesting comments though - this one, I loved:

"...As a 26 year old i-banker it infuriates me no end when the girls get to go home by 10pm and the guys have to stay back to finish deals - and the kicker is - the females still get promoted quicker (so the bank can get on some b/s female preferable employment index) and cite a greater proportion of females in management for their annual reporting purposes.

females have it sooooooo much easier in the workplace. I am only happy to give up my seat if we all acknowledge that we ARE in fact, not equals (if we are equals - then there is no need to give up the seat)"


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That sounds like a fair deal - they use baby boys' foreskins for their own vanity, we give up our seats on the bus. This is what fairness means to women.

good that people are questioning chivalry

I think it's good that he's publicly discussing where he stands about chivalry. I don't agree with his mangina attitude, but he's at least honest about the fact that he's confused. The more open conversations we have about chivalry, the better -- eventually people will see that giving women preferential treatment in employment, government benefits, etc., is just a different version of chivalry such as giving a woman your seat. Women think they are oh-so-independent these days. Well they should try being a man and getting through life without all those safety nets and special support systems. Now that would be independent.