Brazil: Wife Used Poison Vagina in Bid to Kill Husband

Story here. Excerpt:

'A woman filled up her vagina with poison in a bid to kill her husband, it is claimed.

She then invited him to perform a sex act on her during which he would ingest the deadly substance.

But in a move which probably speaks clearly of the start of their marriage, he refused to do so and was also suspicious of her motives.
The wife could yet face charges by police in Sao Jose, Brazil, over the incident.

Local Police officer Walter Colacino JĂșnior said: "[It is] an investigation of attempted murder."'


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Jezebel calls her 'resourceful'

I'd choose a different word: "stupid". But there are others, not least of which include "murderous" and "hateful".

Notice the author can't seem to quite condemn the attempted murder. Oh, she does say it's wrong to kill someone else, and to attempt to also. But not nearly as much as she stresses that the would-be murderess really just went about it wrong.

So if you're asked why you're an MRA, just say this, in all honesty: "My life's on the line. If feminists one day totally get their way, my life will be in grave danger simply because I am a man."

And, you'll be right. The MRA cause is not "just" about equal parental rights, etc. It's life and death. Failure is NOT an option.

Men only think of sex???

This man's actions, apart from saving his life, also disprove the notion men only care about sex, and will never turn down the chance for an easy lay. The bad blood between him and his wife was enough for him to say "no". So there, along with the "women are never violent" myth, is another feminist idea debunked.

color me puzzled

lotsa questions here.

doesn't putting poison in a hoohoo cause ingestion of same by the woman?

how did he find out there was poison in there if he didn't go there?
smell it? e.s.p.?

how did the cops get a sampl... ahhh, never mind.

i guess now guys have something new to worry about. poison has always been a favorite deadly weapon for women. hard to catch. easy to administer.

ya know, this could work both ways. sounds like a lifetime movie plot.