Norway's female boardroom pioneer rejects quotas for women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women are still awaiting a gender revolution in Britain's boardrooms but Norway's corporate culture has undergone a radical change that has transformed the career of one woman in particular.

At one point Mai-Lill Ibsen held more than 185 Norwegian boardroom seats and was undisputed queen of the so called "golden skirts" – experienced executive women who found themselves in demand when Norway in 2006 passed a law requiring 40% of boardroom seats to go to women (or men in the rare case of a female-dominated directors' suite).
Nonetheless, Ibsen opposes the quota system as a way to get women into the highest echelons of business. "I've never seen the glass ceiling," she says, raising her arms against an imaginary barrier. "I'm against quotas. They are discriminatory in a way. I feel we [women] are so strong we don't need that.'


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just more poor pitiful attempts at social engineering,
by people who, by definition, have no respect for real engineering.

if they work so well, why don't we have them in basketball? need more white guys, picked at random of course.
or football? or baseball? need more eskimos in baseball. no training required.

maybe because everybody w/ two brain cells knows that it would destroy the game.
duh! greatness, in any endeavor, is not achieved by mendacity, or requiring everbody to accept the b.s. sandwich these warped people are serving up, a la mode.

as we have learned over and over and over again in the history of the 20th., dat socio-chit don' work. handouts just yield more handouts, etc., until the whole thing crumbles, taking everybody down w/ it.

this lady exec. is right. if you don't earn it you don't deserve it, and never will. the fact that you don't know this is just further evidence of your mediocrity.