Mother sentenced for manslaughter in deaths of her four children

Story here. She kills 4 children and gets... 7 to 15. Anyone care to speculate what she'd've gotten if her name had been "Bobby" and not "Bobbie"? Bet she walks after 5, parole for the next 10. Excerpt:

'A Rochester mom will spend 7 to 15 years behind bars for the deaths of her four children in a fire last February.

31-year-old Bobbie Kugler admitted she set a photo of her ex-boyfriend on fire and threw it on a dresser filled with combustible materials. She also admitted she was drunk and high at the time.

Seven children were inside her home when the fire started, three survived the fire. But four children, all Kugler's own children, Gage Reavey, Greg, Kandee and Kaiden Kugler were all killed.

The two boys that survived the fire had to jump from a window on the second floor to escape the fire. They showed the judge their physical scars. Judge Randall, as he spoke to Kugler, made mention that we will never be able to see the emotional scars.'