Sweden: "Skabbteatern" creates hit-list video

Story here. Excerpt:

'Some of you might remember the infamous Swedish film clip where a group of Swedish feminists calling themselves S.C.U.M Sweden,  produced and posted a video on Youtube  depicting the point-blank shooting and murder of a man reading a newspaper. Read more about it here. Now another video have been posted on Youtube. This time they even threaten the swedish prime minister. This time it´s another radical left wing feminist group who call themselves “Skabbteatern” (Scabies theater) who are the producers. This new masterpiece is called “Du är en fitta, din fitta” (You are a cunt you cunt). They do love the C word, those feminists.

In this movie two women wearing ski masks are running around flaunting big guns. In the background you can hear a fateful female voice recite 14 names. The message is just as clear as it is threatening.
The film clip is well produced; clearly not the work of amateurs. How much money this theater group receives in state funding is yet not clear but I am sure those figures will emerge. The film is said to be a protest against what the group calls “The growing hatred of women.” This is the new mantra of Swedish feminists and mainstream Swedish media. Any criticism of feminism, however sane and justified, is being described as “hatred against women.”'


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