What terrifies Islamists more than drones or Marines? Girls with books, that's what

Nothing scares the unholy monkey-snot out of Islamists like the Taleban more than a girl with a book. This is because they know that if girls and women learn to read and make up their own minds about the Islamists' particular version of Islam (which I would argue isn't really a version so much as a perversion), they will stop supporting Islamist men in what they are doing. When men lack the moral and personal support of women at home for a war they go to fight, by and large, they decide to stop doing it. Or as history has shown time and again, as with the Spartan mother who used to tell her son to "Return with your shield or on it!", there is nothing like a mother's encouragement to make her son go get his head blown off for king and country.

Does this particular girl deserve a Nobel Peace Prize? Much more than our current president ever did. Sign here and maybe we can see justice done for her eventually as well as stick it to the Islamists who if they had their way would see every man reading this grow his beard out, pray six times daily (or pretend to), publicly commit to a religion whether he believes in it or not, and live in fear of his life that he might do or say something that could be interpreted as "impious," a crime punishable by anything from imprisonment to death.

The right to learn is a human right, it should be equal for all people regardless of sex, ethnicity, age, etc., and also just so happens to be one of the best ways to keep the world from being taken over by bullies and idiots.

That's why Islamists fear girls with books more than every drone, Marine, soldier, sailor, and bomb we ever sent at them. The best way to stop an army of extremists hell-bent on forcing their idea of how both men and women ought to live is to keep their women from drinking the Kool-Aid. The way to do that is to teach them there is something more to life than supporting an endless war that teaches men and boys that it's OK to kill themselves in the process of trying to kill others in the name of the All-mighty, with such actions earning them a free pass into Paradise. Yeah, feminism is bad. But Islamism is a lot worse.


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They exremists are even more afraid of boys who refuse to fight

The boy soldier problem is at least as bad as the female education problem. But that's never talked about.

It gets some press-- mostly on MRA sites...

... and occasionally you'll see something about it on UN publications, but I agree, boy soldiers (ie, military slaves) are considered 'unfortunate' while girls who aren't allowed to learn to read are a 'tragedy of monumental proportions'. Nymphotropic favortism is found everywhere.

Even so, consider what they did to this girl: They put a bullet in her head for simply wanting to read. Now as bad as pressing (ie, enslaving) a boy into military "service" is, it is not the same as trying to kill him simply because he wants to read. It is however the same as slavery. [Not too much different from the draft, really, except in the case of so-called "Selective Service", it's adults (only males, of course) and they can sometimes opt for prison time or "alternate service" if they raise a big enough stink (not much better really but not the same as being shot for refusing to "serve" or take your pick: "serve" or starve.] But I do not disagree that he is any less a victim than, for example, this girl was. It's just they are two different kinds of victims: he is a victim of bullying and circumstance while she is a victim of murderous religious fanaticism that approves of murdering a child because she is 1) the "wrong" sex and 2) she wants to read.

It matters not if this is a girl-child or boy-child really, despite my primary argument in my original post about how in supporting girls' rights to an education goes a long way to undermining the Islamists' attempts to overthrow anything like a non-Islamist government and install its own truly scary version of Sharia. Boys have as much right to an education and to be free from military enslavement as girls do. ('nother thing: Islamists are also notorious for militarily enslaving boys as well, and I agree, that is something that is just not mentioned nearly enough-- again, it's only a "serious problem" it seems if it affects girls/women.) It's just that at the moment, there's a groundswell to get this particular girl's story on the map and it does everyone good to vaunt her case. Besides, gender aside, wouldn't you say she EARNED the right to a Nobel Peace Prize at this point? I mean, if a person who did absolutely NOTHING to "earn" the same prize in 2009 (ie, President Obama), and then had the unmitigated gall to actually accept it, can get such a prize, shouldn't someone who actually did something to earn it get it? Even after getting shot in the head, she says she is not giving up. That's courage. That's what the prize is for; not the ridiculous political sappery we saw in '09.