Roseanne Barr of Peace and Freedom Party is honest about DV and gender

From Marc A.:

Roseanne Barr, Presidential candidate for the Peace & Freedom Party, is the only candidate I have seen who was fair and honest about domestic violence. She flat-out said women are as violent as men in relationships. That is precisely what the majority of the independent surveys show, all over the world, as opposed to the unreliable crime data. She said this in the context of the Chris Brown/Rihiana incident, in which CNN admitted the court records say Rihianna was slapping Chris around before he attacked her, but the mass media and Oprah all attacked Chris 100% without ever mentioning Rihianna's vioence.

Quoting Roseanne:
"Women who go back to men who have hit them are usually violent too–they escalate conflict by using verbal humiliation and often throw the first punch, but are then unable to withstand the strength of the man’s counter attack. Alot of guys hit women because the women are hitting them, verbally abusing them or throwing the keys to their car outside and goading them on, and they lose control of themselves. This is what it sounds like to be in the rhianna-chris brown affair. There is no way out of violence if you are violent. the only way to win is not to play the game. In the later stages, she won’t leave because her will is destroyed, and a violent line crossed, because once the guy threatens to kill her, it becomes almost impossible for her to leave. i hope rhianna is getting counseling from a professional counselor who will tell her that there is no way for her to ever win, and that she will have to curtail her own penchant for escalating conflict by screaming at or hitting or humiliating her abuser. I hope he gets real counseling too, that is not from a minister or his mom or any other shame based bullshit method that will never work, and that is designed to avoid dealing directly with self-control issues. I hope that they both leave each other alone and get over their faults. I hope she does not continue to play the game with him. If they still love each other after they learn self control and conflict resolution, then they can get back together."
"I hope he spends a long time in jail. I think laws need to change so that the woman who is a partner in domestic abuse should go to jail too. I think they both should be going to jail right now. She was also psychologically abusive to him, spying on his private phone messages, and throwing his keys out the door and screaming and threatening to call the police, as a way of taunting him, not stopping him. It’s all a big game and it takes two players. I am sick of people thinking that women cannot leave when the truth is they stay too long because they do not want to stop being violent themselves. I have heard so many women say: “I didn’t just take it, I hit him too” as if that is some feminist thing. Women are as violent as men and women attack and provoke men instead of just leaving them and moving on. Alot of times they do move on and end up in another violent situation with another man."