SAVE Elert: Presidential Proclamation Shamefully Downplays Male Victims of Domestic Violence

On Monday, President Obama kicked off National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Unfortunately, his proclamation leaves much to be desired.(1) Even though men and women abuse each other at similar rates(2), the focus is on women.

How many men have to get beaten with sledgehammers(3), have their penises cut off(4), get poisoned(5), or get run over with cars(6) by their female partners before the White House takes notice?

We say, "Enough is enough!"

Contact Pres. Obama via Danielle Borrin: Demand that he tell the truth, the entire truth about domestic violence.

Oh behalf of every male victim suffering in silence or struggling to have his voice heard, thank you.

Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments



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1 is 2 many

1 is 2 many unless that one is male.