Israel: Wave of Arrests of Father's Rights Activists

Story here. Excerpt:

'Several campaigners for fathers' rights and shared parenting after divorce have been arrested or summoned for questioning in recent days and a Knesset member who sides with the fathers' movement says a "militant feminist crackdown" is under way.

One activist father, Guy Shamir, has been held in jail for 21 days. He was arrested when Haifa Family Court Judge Esperanza Alon's clerk claimed that he used a threatening phrase in a telephone conversation with her. Shamir says he told the clerk: "The judge should mind her own children and I will mind mine." The clerk claimed that he told the judge to "mind her children" in a threatening way.

An attorney who heads the Coalition for Children and Families was questioned and placed under three-day house arrest regarding alleged threatening statements on the internet. His computer was confiscated. The organization recently organized a study day in Tel Aviv's Municipal Library regarding anti-father bias in the Family Courts.'


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Martyrdom only serves causes

MRAs, and especially FRAs, should expect more of this coming. The more the case gets made, the more likely feminist-indoctrinated lawmakers and governmental systems will start to persecute people seeking justice for themselves and their kids. But you know you are starting to have an impact when they come to arrest you and make you in essence a martyr for the cause. The more arrests they make, the more martyrs they make. Worst thing for them to be doing, they are only making it harder on themselves. If the British had not run around arresting Ghandi left and right, do you think he would have risen to the kind of mythic prominence he did? Same thing for Nelson Mandela.

Arresting people who are just plain trying to see justice done is a great way to help their cause along. So I say to the people behind this persecution of FRAs in Israel: Go ahead, keep at it. Not that I like the fact that you're doing it, but the more you do, the more exposure the cause gets, and the more martyrs you make. Go ahead, work against yourselves, and show people what you are truly made of: bigotry, paranoia, and self-importance. Very unattractive qualities, especially in political leaders.

Marital dispute the size of history

This is so petty... it's pathetic. This just reeks of annoying marital dispute and the obnoxious arguments between husband and wife... It's a argument the size of history and human civilization...

No wonder we've not put a man on mars yet... ><

Q: WTF is wrong with women these days???
A: The same thing that has been wrong with them since the dawn of man...