New Zealand: All men have gone on strike

Article here. Excerpt:

'Now that all the naughty ladies have control of the earth, men are staging a revolt. They're doing this by not going to university, not marrying, and working in low-paid jobs. Some of them are refusing to work at all, in protest against the government's secret plan to give ALL the tax dollars to women.

That's the thesis of Male Strike: Society's War on Men, a new book that makes me want to stab my eyes out so I can never be tempted to even peek inside its pages, ever. Its author is men's rights activist and psychologist Dr Helen Smith, who calls this imaginary male revolt "Going Galt". (Inspired by the Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged, in which a character by the name of John Galt leads an industrial strike against exploitation.)
But, "what Kay Hymowitz calls the perpetual adolescence of men is just men understanding that the cards are dealt against them," reckons Dr Smith, Chum of Men. Except she's hardly doing men any favours either, painting them as vindictive saps hell bent on self-sabotaging to avenge the world's women. Even if we have rearranged the "system" so Man Dollars fall in our harlot laps, as we swan about in search of ATMS. I mean men. Muhahahaha...'


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Boring Ms Kamm

"There's no good men around".

"Men are failures".

"All men have gone on strike".

Standard tropes that have become mind-numbingly boring in their shallow ignorance. The author, in particular, and many of the resondents haven't the faintest clue what is going on.

All over the world men are starting to wake up to the reality that relationships, marriage, family are a mugs game for men. For decades they have been blamed for every conceivable ill but given credit for nothing. Their governments ( don't view them as a part of the community or place any value on their health and welfare. In my country the federal government doesn't view men as a part of the family at all. The pain and suffering experienced by boys and men globally is obscured or simply not documented. Global bodies report disadvantage for women as oppression and disadvantage for men as equity.

Young men can read and they can see and they can hear. They do hear the epithets constantly hurled their way. They know that any mention of their own pain is an invitation for mockery. The irony is that they are doing exactly what is being asked of them. They are living their lives so as to not oppress or disadvantage anybody else. They are not imposing themselves on any of the womenfolk or creating barriers to those womens' careers or lives. They are simply living quiet, inoffensive, anonymous existances.

Out there somewhere is another young man who, having read Rebecca Kamm's article, has had a revelation. The constant negging of his gender has reached critical mass for him. He will eventually go his own way. He will avoid relationships for that means carrying the weight of somebody else's aspirations to the exclusion of his own. He will avoid women as they represent too great a danger to his own well-being. He will be only as ambitious as required to serve his own needs. As is his right.