The New York Times’ Most Idiotic Attack on Men Ever

Article here. Excerpt:

'What do intellectuals have against men?

Back in June 1999, American Psychologist printed “Deconstruction of the Essential Father,” asserting that kids don’t need a dad. The implication was that children stand just as good a chance of growing up healthy and well-adjusted if raised by one parent, or unmarried parents, or homosexuals, as if raised by their own biological dad and mom in a happy marriage.
But Professor Hampikian isn’t finished. He reduces the role of men not merely to our raw biological contribution to human reproduction, but even less: the weight of that contribution—in trillionths of grams. “[Y]our father’s 3.3 picograms of dna comes out to less than one pound of male contribution since the beginning of Homo sapiens 107 billion babies ago.”

Males’ combined contribution to humankind throughout history hasn’t even amounted one whole pound! Who needs them?

Okay, well, maybe dads work to provide for their kids, read to them, help with homework, play catch, go camping, teach responsibility, give them a sense of values, protect them from dangers in society, help them toughen up and face adulthood—not to mention helping moms shoulder the burdens of parenthood through the years. But what does all that amount to, when you consider that, biologically speaking, they each contributed a measly three picograms of dna?'


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Men's contributions = 1 lb.?

Indeed? Let's see if this adds up:

1) Modern plumbing, which explains why most of us have not died from water-borne diseases
2) Electricity, and its infrastructure, which explains why most of us have not contracted illnesses, died of injuries without what it does, or frozen to death in the frigid winters or died of heat exhaustion in unrelenting summers
3) Philosophy of all kinds: political, moral, theological, etc., which is the intellectual grist for the mills of our minds that gives the intellectual life meaning and forms the basis for our political, religious and personal value systems
4) Modern mathematics, which enables modern civilization to exist in countless ways
5) Industry itself, which also enables modern civilization to exist by exploiting the other things men have invented or discovered
6) Modern medicine, which explains why 99.9999% of us are alive to read this
7) Every other modern science you can think of, including that which allows us to reach out beyond the confines of our planet, and has allowed us to throw off the shackles of multiple superstitions and ignorances that left us doing really dumb and counterproductive things

There's more. I could just go on and on. But I think I've made my point. Does that add up to 1 lb? Ask a feminist, undoubtedly she'll say yes.


Awesome article, and awesome comment, Matt!