SAVE: Female Columnists Double-Down on the Violence Against Women Act

In case you haven’t been following it, there has been a boatload of articles by female columnists criticizing the Violence Against Women Act. All of these articles were published in the past week:

  1. Wendy Kaminer, The Atlantic: What’s Wrong with the Violence Against Women Act?
  2. Abby Schachter, New York Post: The 'I Lied to the Police and Got Him Thrown in Jail' Act.
  3. Emily Miller, Washington Times: Violence Against Women Act is a Ploy to Paint Republicans as Anti-Women.
  4. Mary Theroux, Independent Institute: Violence Against Women Act Sanctions Rights Violations.
  5. Janice Crouse, US News and World Report: The Violence Against Women Act Should Outrage Decent People.
  6. Laura Wood, US News and World Report: Violence Against Women Act Is a Totalitarian Violation of Democracy.
  7. Wendy McElroy, Women Against VAWA Excess: The Silent Scream.
  8. Charlotte Hays, Townhall: Taxpayer Cry: Not One Penny for Drag Shows!

And check out the debate at U.S. News and World Report whether to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act: The ‘nays’ are leading the ‘yeas’ by a long shot.