SAVE: Tell Olympia Snowe, Vote No on VAWA

We'd like to express our gratitude. Your calls to Washington DC expressing your opposition to VAWA are having an impact. THANK YOU.
Senator Leahy has not yet convinced enough senators to sign-on to VAWA to avoid a filibuster. Let's make sure he never does.

Today we're asking you to call Senator Olympia J. Snowe, a well-respected centrist from Maine. Known for being at the center of every policy debate in Washington, this is a senator who needs to hear from you.

You can call Sen. Snowe at her Washington DC office: (202) 224-5344.

Your voices are being heard. Keep using them!

Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments


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I called her office and told the receptionist to tell Sen. Snowe to oppose Sen. Leahy's version of VAWA and support Sen. Grassley's version. I added that Sen. Leahy's version discriminates against domestic violence victims based on their sex and is bad legislation that is unaccountable - wasting tens of millions if not more.

Not like we're asking for much...

... just to have this legislation cover all DV victims, not just female ones victimized by men. Is that too much to ask? For feminists, I guess, way too much, truth be damned. But nothing surprises me when it comes to feminists' politicization of DV.

It's all about misandry and money. Hell hath no fury as a vested interest tied to a moral (or in this case, immoral) imperative.

Called again

I called again this morning with the same message framed as cogently, clearly and politely as I could muster, "No on Sen. Leahy's version, Yes on Sen. Grassley's version." The legislative aide thanked me for calling Sen. Snowe.

You might also put some

You might also put some doubt into any conviction Senetor Snowe (or any Senetor) may have for VAWA by pointing to the following details about how funding guidelines view children (I can't find the funding guidelines for the state of Maine, perhaps someone else might be able to?):

Such as Louisiana's:

"Prohibited Activities or Uses of Funds
6: Supporting Services that focus exclusively on children"

At the very least it could shake their support for it as is, and vote it down to give time to take a closer look.