Testicular cancer rise and sperm quality fall 'due to chemicals'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Sperm quality significantly deteriorated and testicular cancers increased over recent years, a Finnish study says.
The University of Turku research suggests environmental reasons, particularly exposure to industrial chemicals, may be behind both trends.

A UK expert said chemicals may affect the development of male babies.
"Our findings further necessitate the efforts to identify reasons for the adverse trends in reproductive health to make preventive measures possible."'


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"This inter-generational

"This inter-generational effect makes it difficult to study but it is clear that more research is needed to identify dangerous chemicals so that we can try remove them from the environment and protect future generations."

It is already well know that things like bisphenol, pvc and plastics in general are damaging men's reproductive system and filling us with all kinds of estrogen. Yet the mainstream scientific community is cynical enough to state "more research is needed".

Makes one wonder what kind of back stage interests they serve.