VAWA Reform -- Call to Action

This coming week, Congress will be out of session. Senators and Representatives will be back in their homes district, holding meetings with constituents.

The main topic of discussion will be the federal budget. Earlier this week, President Obama proposed a budget that would produce a $1.1 trillion deficit for 2012. The Obama budget proposal includes over $777 million for VAWA and other domestic violence programs.

It is critical that we take action TODAY and contact your lawmaker’s local office and request to set up a meeting this coming week. I am attaching a hand-out that you can use – or use your own handout. If we implement the recommendations spelled out on the flyer, we will be able to help more true victims, remove dangerous mandatory arrest policies, remove false allegations, and save taxpayer money!

To get your lawmakers’ phone number, just do a Google search under the person’s name, or look in the phone book.

Folks, this is the real deal. Either we act now, or we wait until 2016 when VAWA comes up for reauthorization.

The SAVE Team


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Where is the handout? Where is the recommendations? Where is the link to the website that explains this? It would be helpful. I do want to take action. But need a bit more information than this.