Mainstreaming Misandry in TV Sitcoms and Commercials

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That's the short list

It would be easier just to say "All" commercials on TV, then apologize for the few you find that aren't misandrist.

little too sensitive?

I agree with some of the things on the list, but there are several where the person putting it on the list is just being a little too sensitive, or is looking for misandry and so find it where non really exists. Example, the show Frasier where martin crane say's "apologize even if your right or you'll be paying for it for the rest of your life." That isn't a shot at men, it's a shot at women (and Daphne's response demonstrates that)... and yet, it's on the list. The other example is the Ashley Madison commercial's. In the one they listed, it suggested cheating on your no good husband, but the whole point of that website (as demonstrated in other commercials) is to cheat on whomever your married too, man or women. They only looked at the individual add and not the context of the add campaign.

It seems some MRA's are choosing to take the "I'm always a victim" route feminism took, and personally, I'm not a fan of that idea. for one, because if everyone becomes a victim, no-one will ever be held accountable, someone else will always be to blame. and secondly, Feminism didn't work out too well, doing more harm then good, so I don't think it is a viable role model.

"Example, the show Frasier

"Example, the show Frasier where martin crane say's "apologize even if your right or you'll be paying for it for the rest of your life." That isn't a shot at men, it's a shot at women (and Daphne's response demonstrates that)..."

It basically shows a woman doing bad things, the misandric part (I haven't actually seen it but I've seem many like it) is that he is supposed to comply to it. It would be like showing a man physically abusing some women but then the show gives the message that it is perfectly acceptable. If you only showed gender x doing something bad then you could say the show discriminates against gender x. But if you show gender x abusing gender y and give a message that gender y is supposed to take the abuse (or that its acceptable) then the discrimination is towards gender y. Its the same thing with female initiated physical abuse towards men. It's on TV all the time (women slapping, punching, and throwing things at men) and SO OFTEN ITS JUST ACCEPTED ABUSE TOWARDS MEN. This is related to the real world where people turn a blind eye to female abuse towards men, video here.

Your right that the Frasier example isn't as dramatic as violence but the massage of men cow towing towards women like cowards (who also get no support from male friends or family) is repetitive and at some point offensive. There is a commercial that exemplifies this exactly. The women are being abusive BUT the men are supposed to between in shame because "They are the ones at fault" and since it us a commercial men are supposed to act on this shame (or abuse) in real life.
JC Penney: Beware of the Doghouse

pro male movies

I'd just like to point out some movies I found VERY pro male or fitting with men's rights.

The Karate Kid [2010] (for the huge importance on male role model)
Fight Club (for male self awareness and levels of rejection)
Stolen (father's commitment to finding lost but actually murdered son)
Minority Report (back story is father's"lost" son and intimate memories)
Fast & Furious (friendship, masculinity, and no BS)
Dark Knight (hero doesn't "save the girl" which is the right choice)

I'm out of ideas but it might be good to make a list of recent pro male movie's to watch as opposed to watching all the misandric crap. Any suggestions?

I know the situation that

I know the situation that you're talking about, but this Frasier example is not one of them. Frasier, on air, told a lady a number of examples that could "cheer her depression, one of which was moving to a new location, even out of the city, cause Seattle is rainy and dreary". In the show, that example was taken out of context (much like what I'm suggesting this episode was) and made to look like Frasier was dissing the city and was a Seattle hater. Marten then says "a city is like a women. apologize even if your right or you'll be paying for it for the rest of your life.".

As you yourself suggest, there are many examples on TV of this kind of phrase being used in a misandric manner, suggesting to cow toe to women, but this Frasier example is not one of them. If we want to make note of this kind of attitude, we really should be looking for clear cut examples of it, not these example digs at women's fickleness, ease to take offense and even easier culling, that, if taken out of context, or in combination with a dozen other examples and the right state of mind, could, maybe, be a very subtle example of misandry. People are only going to see these subtle examples as whining and playing the victim, and far too many are sick of that from the feminists (or are too busy whining about their own victimization to care). We can't take the road of being victims, it won't work, and so these kinds of lists need to show more concrete examples, and not be so sensitive and eager to find misandry. There are plenty of great examples on that list (the horses ass one really annoys me), but there are some that don't belong.

You make a lot of good

You make a lot of good points. And yes, we should be using solid examples because there are alot of them.