Australia: Man sets himself on fire in front of Brisbane Supreme Court building after family court ruling

Story here. Excerpt:

'A MAN is believed to have set himself on fire outside of Brisbane's iconic Supreme Court complex after an unfavourable family court decision, according to witnesses at the scene.

The incident happened just after 2pm after the man, believed to be in his 40s, had been sitting in front of the iconic marble Law Courts sign for some time.

Witness reported hearing a bang and seeing flames as would-be rescuers ran to the man's aid.

Emergency workers at the scene say the man is in a critical condition - with burns to 90 per cent of his body.

Sources investigating the incident said the man had earlier been at the Federal Courts for family matter and may not have received the outcome he was after.

Two witnesses, Kylie Pannel and Kylie Beard, who were both close to tears, said they could not believe what happened just 3m from them.

"He said absolutely nothing,’’ Ms Pannel said. "He was so quiet it wasn’t funny."'

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This reminds me of atrocities that occurred near the beginning of the American involvement in the Vietnam conflict. Buddhist monks would set themselves on fire to protest their persecution at the hands of the government.
Burning Monk

I've long wondered when it would come to this and now it's happened. Is this the drastic step that it takes to call attention to the epidemic of gender hatred against men and fathers in our social institutions? Is our government really that dense?

Here's another incident from the 1960s. Burning MonkII

These photos and film were a regular feature of the mightly news in the early 1960s. There were at least a dozen such incidents and likely more.

Shame on any government that drives men to such extremes.

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Piece of crap could not live with himself after his ex-wife made it known to the court what a bastard he truly is. To bad he did not succeed. I just hope the hospital bills the hell out of him and my tax dollars don't go for paying for a single skin graft. At least if he survives, we'll be able to easily spot him to keep our kids safe from him.


Not really sarcasm though, more an expression of the opinion that the general public will take. Man hating knows no bounds.

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MR I also remember the monks in Vietnam setting themselves on fire. I have the image in my mind and have over the years considered the possibility of men doing the same.

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Buddhist Monks are pacifist holy men that have not been smeared as pedophiles and perverts like Catholic Priests so their self sacrifice in the face of unspeakable injustice actually gets the message through.

The men in the Western World who will sacrifice themselves in this way are accused abusers or accused perverts so their sacrifice will be viewed not as a statement against the horrific treatment they endured, but rather as an admission of a guilty conscious and seen as them taking care of themselves so the lynch mob does not have to.

Trust me, the first sex offender strapped with dynamite for his monthly check in at the cop shop will not be seen as a man who was pushed to far because he was forced to live under a bridge and stripped of his humanity, he'll be painted as a home grown terrorist and the next Guantanamo Bay will be established for the unfortunate souls listed on a Registry under AWA, and the roars of public approval will be deafening.

Unfortunately the MRA movement has to champion the rights of those persecuted by the current system and the general public views them as perfectly acceptable casualties in the fight against the various boogiemen we fear these days. So we are fighting a hard uphill fight the whole damn way. We don't have a sympathetic group like pretty little girls with ribbons in their hair to point to and say - it's all for them. We have the salt of the Earth, the very foundation of society, the unseen masses that keep the the whole thing moving forward to represent. But like the drive train of an automobile, most people who drive have never even seen whats under the hood let alone thought about how it might be cared for properly (that's some one else's job) they just want it to go when they need it to go. We represent the dirty greasy bits that make the wheels move.

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