Feministing: 'Feminism and male circumcision'

Article here. Excerpt:

'I recently had a baby boy (my second) and of course the topic of circumcision came up. I educated myself on circumcision and how it is totally medically unnecessary to circumcise a healthy baby's penis and felt that doing so would pretty much amount to mutilating him for no other reason than because everybody else is doing it too. Unfortunately when I made up my mind about it, it was already too late. He was getting circumcised at that doctor's appointment.

My husband reported that our son seemed fine- that although we were told they wouldn't use pain relief he believes they did because he seems a-ok. That was until the first diaper change..and every diaper change after that for the next four days when my baby would shake and scream in pain...
I am now firmly on the side against circumcision and only wish I had actually looked deeper into this before my sons were circumcised. I honestly went along with the crowd on it and thought it was just one of things you do to your sons, get them circumcised.

If one of our rallying cries is bodily autonomy and we'd raise all hell when AAP briefly decided to allow "nicking" of female newborn genitals, does being against male circumcision become a feminist issue on the grounds of bodily autonomy or is it the universal right of a parent to SONS to do with their child's genitals as they please?'


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Thiscomment sums up feminists and their opinion on MGM....

"Author Profile Page ElanaFulana said:

I really don't understand how anyone can call themselves "pro-choice" while believing that men don't have the right to make very personal decisions about their bodies.

Even if adequate pain relief is provided, I still think the procedure should be illegal to perform on anyone who cannot consent to it.

I'm hesitant to call it a feminist issue as women are only secondarily affected. Still, I think its hypocritical for feminists to be OK with circumcision."

That's it in a nut shell. Feminists are indifferent to circumcision of males because women do not suffer as a result of it, and they are hypocrites.

Feminist = egalitarian my ass!


Once in a while even the femiloons say something sensible, but its only a glitch in the system.

Rise, Rebel, Resist.