Geraldo Rivera defends assault on Tiger Woods

At around 2:10 PM EST, I happened to be watching a FOX News interview regarding Tiger Woods' recent public apology/statement. At around 2:20, the interviewee, Geraldo Rivera, who up until then had been speaking pretty cogently on the public relations and interpersonal implications of the statement, suddenly seemed to malfunction. He stated that, as a "clean ex-cheater" now for 10 years, and having had a tooth knocked out of his head by an angry ex-wife, he understands why Mrs. Woods may have attacked her husband as she did and indeed, it was "natural for a woman to react that way," and thus no one should blame her for that.

I will see when the interview is available on-line and wonder just when a woman will one day, if ever, make a similar statement on a national news program that has the sexes reversed and not elicit condemnation from one and all. I doubt in fact we will ever hear such a thing, and I would agree that that is good. But it's bad when we hear the kinds of things Mr. Rivera said.

No excuses for domestic violence, Mr. Rivera, despite your unresolved guilt issues that allow you to just wave it off. No excuses.


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Excusing women's violence

"Men" who keep excusing the actions of women's violence, as noted in this interview, continue to perpetuate the notion that such violence is acceptable. It's no wonder that women feel justified and act with impunity in such situations. "Men" support them!

As has been noted before, men are their own worst enemy. But, why do they do say things like this? To get "brownie" points from their girlfriends/spouses or EXes? Is it out of fear of having to sleep on the couch if they even implied otherwise?

On one hand, I can understand and agree with Rivera's point - that the woman has a reason to be angry. However, if the genders were reversed, no one would sympathize with the man or accept any violence on this part.

A few months ago there were news reports regarding a banker in the UK that murdered his wife, because she was having an affair. I'll make no excuses for such conduct, particularly as it involves murder, but the headlines always referred to him as a "very jealous" husband. The story repeatedly cast him in a negative light as being 'extremely protective and jealous.' Not a single time was there any sympathy expressed toward him because of his wife's unfaithfulness.

Again, men are expected to "man up," 'suck it up,' or 'grow balls.' Women, on the other hand, are expected to complain, injure, or even murder.


Jerry Rivers: Fraud

I always had a nagging feeling that he was a loser. Now there is no doubt!

Maybe he can get Joe Biden to get his dominatrix little sister to give him a good going over? Sick fu*k!

Geraldo defends assault on Tiger Woods

So help me, each day I get sicker by the moment by men trying to come off as "heros" for the ladies. Geraldo is no exception. I've watched this son of a bitch on previous shows verbally scourging young men for cheating or in someway behaving in ways not in agreement to the feminist zeitgeist of our times. I recall his reaction to the Duke University incident where he cast his guilty verdict on these young men before hearing all of the facts. What bothers me most about this jerk "journalist" is he has married five times and divorced for having inumerable affairs. Along with that he too was a victim of false accusation of rape by Bette Midler. You would think he'd show some restraint of judgement given his past. A bonafide asshole. Sorry folks but it's the way I feel.


It is obvious.

Not clean, just worn out

Rivera is not a "clean ex-cheater", he's just old! Its easy to give it up when your sex drive had dropped to once a month - if he had "gone clean" in his thirties or forties that may have said something for his character, leaving it this late just means his dick's now as useless as his brain.
Rise, Rebel, Resist.

Geraldo - Keep It Up!!!

I've long considered Geraldo to be the news media's biggest buffoon. I saw him a couple years ago admit that an ex had knocked his tooth out, and he quickly said he deserved it. He seems to believe that confessions and self-flagellation in front of an audience of millions are necessary to offset his cheating.

BUT, he's so over-the-top in his chivalry that he might be a blessing in disguise. Most proponents of chivalry are smooth and tactful in their hypocrisy. Geraldo isn't. He's so clumsy and transparent that some of the general public might even start to question the status quo.

I say - give Geraldo an even bigger soap box. Maybe he could do a Fox News Special on how men can avoid physical harm, humiliation and self-loathing by learning to properly obey their wives.