"Men's Rights" Wikipedia page fleshed out nicely

In case you haven't seen it recently:


(URL, text only: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men%27s_rights)

Very nice. Thanks to the author(s) thereof.

Oh yeah, that "%27" in the URL is the single apostrophe in the topic name. Without that kind of encoding, some older-version browsers won't load the page correctly. The later-version ones can handle apostrophes in the URL, so you can also try:


(URL, text only: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men's_rights)

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Thanks for posting this, it never even occurred to me that they would have a men's rights page, even though I use it (wikipedia) all the time for my blog. Let me go look at it now...knowing that at least a dozen of the footnotes will refer to 'feminist rebuttals'...


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1. no mention of d.v. or gender violence against men/boys.

2. change the word degrading to degradation.
parallel word thing.

it's good to have our movement finally allowed to be defined pubically.
gosh, it's v-day. feel the love?

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Part of the "Violence" entry:


It just doesn't have a separate entry is all. But one thing is true: violence is violence. Feminists have people thinking it is solely perpetrated by men and we know what the truth of that idea is.... "Survey says: X"!!!

The second-to-last para. in that entry is quite specific:

"In response to criticism about the influence of former (rather than current) partners - further studies based on the CTS 2 scale continue to show that women initiate violence at least as often as men, and perpetrate serious violence as often as men.[66][67]. In a study specifically examining the behaviour of former partners, Dutton & Winstead (2006) found that women initiate revenge behaviours more frequently than men.[68]. Furthermore, studies show women in the United States commit domestic violence against men 33% more often than men do against women, and women commit severe domestic violence twice as often as men.[69]"

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I've done a bit of work on the article including adding some of the stats on domestic violence.

It really is in need of some clean-up, however. The section on violence is too long, for example.

Surprisingly enough there's not really much vandalism of the page by misandrists, at least not yet.

I organized my men's rights stats sheet into the following categories, and the Wikipedia article covers all of them in some way:
Education & Employment
Families (father's rights, divorce, etc.)
Violence (VAWA & domestic violence)
Rape (false rape accusations & prison rape)
Military conscription & combat
Circumcision (genital mutilation)

Listed here: http://jayhammers.blogspot.com/2009/12/mens-rights-information-sheet.html

Open Your Eyes by Jay Hammers

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