Jail time for French women who berate husbands

Column here Excerpt:

'Record cold temperatures are beginning to take their toll on average citizens around the world. In bone-chilled France, frustrated housewives have taken to venting their spleens at their husbands — and for good reason.

For decades, effete French men have indulged themselves with aerosol hair spray for their over-groomed hairpieces, contributing, as we all know, to the thinning of the ozone layer and melting of the polar ice caps.
Thankfully, the epidemic of shrieking wives has not escaped the attention of the ever-vigilant French Parliament, which is now considering a ban on the practice. The law would apply to both married and cohabiting couples.

Support reaches to the highest political levels. Announcing the proposed law last week, French premier Francois Fillon explained, "The creation of this offence will allow us to deal with the most insidious situations — situations that leave no visible scars, but which leave victims torn up inside."
And some recall when actress Brigitte Bardot was fined $6,000 for violating the French hate-crimes law when she made impolitic statements about the looming influence of radical Islam.

Thanks to the new law, millions of French women will end up spending time behind bars. But it will be for their own good. And once we put an end to the spate of psychological violence, we can move on to other pressing problems like raised eyebrows, annoying grimaces, and unsympathetic stares.'


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I doubt it...

... but the image is amusing enough. No one for a moment thinks such a law would be used vs. women, but I am sure the author knows this already. :)

Sounds to me like the whole

Sounds to me like the whole article was meant tongue-in-cheek.

duh. -ax



nagging wives

It's all true,honest guv.This is a law devised to combat the women who,up to now have been the only ones allowed to cry wolf.There is d/v and psychological torture,the latter generally occurs just before the former and it is up to men to make the most of it,the ammunition is there and if no
advantage is taken up by men then they can expect more of the present nonsense.
It is a useful law for men,don't scoff.I live in France by the way.

Sounds to me like a good

Sounds to me like a good reason to move to France. Excuse-moi whilst I brusheth up on my parlez Francoise.