Blog: Are some men's rights groups undercutting gains made by domestic violence activists?

Article here. Excerpt:

Kathryn Joyce at Slate asks the question. She write of the men's movement group, RADAR, Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting:

RADAR's rhetoric may seem overblown, but lately the group and its many partners have been racking up very real accomplishments. In 2008, the organization claimed to have blocked passage of four federal domestic-violence bills, among them an expansion of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) to international scope and a grant to support lawyers in pro bono domestic-violence work. Members of this coalition have gotten themselves onto drafting committees for VAWA's 2011 reauthorization. Local groups in West Virginia and California have also had important successes, criminalizing false claims of domestic violence in custody cases, and winning rulings that women-only shelters are discriminatory.

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If anything, they are adding to them. After all, DV advocacy should be about everyone who is assaulted by an intimate partner, not just the heterosexual female ones. And certainly advocacy should never include falsifying the facts.

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the key word here is 'gains'. By gains, she obviously means gains in favor of females, and which are biased against men - for example, the enabling of false accusers.


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